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Challenge Missions are special repeatable missions where a single player or a team of four to eight players (exact number is mission dependent) battle against either monsters or AI controlled players under special victory and failure conditions. Depending on a team's achievements in a mission, the team members are rewarded with various amounts of faction points, experience, gold, or armor pieces. Challenge mission ladders are maintained both by a records keeper NPC in the respective outposts for the area the missions take place in, as well as on an online ladder on the Guild Wars website itself. These ladders document daily, monthly, and quarterly scores.

Available challenge missions[edit]


These missions take place on The Battle Isles and reward players with Balthazar faction.


The challenge missions in Factions reward successful players with gold and experience. These missions also reward players with Kurzick faction in case of the missions in the Echovald Forest, or Luxon faction in the missions on the Jade Sea. No faction is awarded in the Dragon's Throat mission, which takes place on neutral ground.


These missions reward players with gold and experience, as well as armor pieces of a kind that depends on the mission.

Eye of the North[edit]

This mission rewards players with armor pieces and a Destroyer Core. This mission also rewards all players with 25 Deldrimor reputation points for each wave of Destroyers defeated.


This mission rewards players with Trick-or-Treat Bags, gold, and Gamer points depending on how quickly it is completed.