Dajkah Inlet

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost.
Dajkah Inlet
Dajkah Inlet map.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Kourna
Type Challenge
Party size 8
Duration Short

Mission information[edit]


Assault the corsair guild halls and defeat their Guild Lords.

  • Defeat the corsair Guild Lords to move to the next island.
  • Use the portal to access the next island.
  • Kill Corsair commanders to gain extra time.

Scoring and rewards[edit]

Achievement Sunspear promotion points Points Time bonus
Each regular kill 0 1 0
Each Corsair Commander kill 25 1 30...0 seconds
Each Corsair Guild Lord kill 50 1 60 seconds

Scoring in this mission rewards experience and gold base on the formulas below. Values are rounded down. An additional bonus is given for achieving daily best, monthly best, or quarterly best.

Reward Amount Daily Best Monthly Best Quarterly Best
Experience (1000 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score)
Gold (500 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score) +500 +1000 +2000
  • Guild Lords have a chance to drop Stolen Sunspear Armor which will automatically appear in one player's inventory.
  • Corsair Commanders will give 5 seconds less time bonus for every 2 cycles.


Loading screen
  • The challenge starts with a 60 second countdown before the gate opens allowing you access.
  • The opening of the gate starts a 10 minute countdown timer and each Guild Lord killed adds 1 minute to the timer.
  • There are three maps: The first with one Guild Lord, the later ones with two Guild Lords each. All Guild Lords on a map need to be killed before the portal to the next map is activated.
  • On maps with two Guild Lords, one Guild Lord needs to be killed first to open up the gates of the other Guild Lord's hall (the one to kill first is always the south-western one).
  • After completing the first cycle of maps, the final warp takes you back to the beginning, and you can go through again with higher level enemies such as the Corsair Commanders, which add +30 seconds to your remaining time in addition to the guild lord time bonus. Each fortress has two commanders, except for the first.


  • For the first 200 or so points, speed is of the essence and the time will be declining. But after that there is a huge shift in how the game is played. By the time you get to 300-350 points, tanking is essential and you will experience getting hit for up to 4-500 points per hit if you are a low AL target. There is however very little enchantment removal present, so Protective Spirit and Spirit Bond will be a great combination for keeping the tank alive and should be enough by itself. By the time you hit 500 points you will experience fighting as many as 12 level 28 bosses at the same time which all have AoE damage strong enough to single handedly wipe the team alone with one or two attacks.
  • Pain Inverter will deal massive damage.
  • The chances of an armor drop are increased as you get more points, armors are also rewarded for breaking the daily or monthly record.
  • Heavy condition removal helps a lot with the speed in the beginning.





Boss-like foes[edit]



Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Dajkah.
  • The first map re-uses the Uncharted Isle guild hall map, the second map the Isle of Solitude one. The third one resembles a guild hall, but no such guild hall is available in the game.
  • Unlike most challenge missions, enemies in this mission drop loot.
  • Enemies that have been killed in a previous round and respawned will not give additional experience or loot. Respawned Corsair Commanders will not recharge skills or give a morale boost, but Corsair Guild Lords will.
  • A video walkthrough for the mission can be found here.

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