Zos Shivros Channel

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost.
Disambig icon.png "Zos" redirects here. For the Orrian NPC guild, see Zealots of Shiverpeak.
Zos Shivros Channel
Zos Shivros Channel map.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region The Jade Sea
Type Challenge
Party size 8

Mission information[edit]


Keep Battle Priest Calibos alive for as long as possible.

  • Destroy Luxon Adepts to receive a morale boost and score bonus.


Achievement Luxon faction
Each kill 1
Each minute survived 50
Each Luxon Adept killed 100

Scoring in this mission rewards Luxon faction, experience, and gold based on the formulas below. Values are rounded down. An additional bonus is given for achieving daily best, monthly best, or quarterly best.

Reward Amount Daily Best Monthly Best Quarterly Best
Luxon faction (2000 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score) +4000 +8000 +16000
Experience (1000 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score)
Gold (500 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score) +500 +1000 +2000


There is no time limit during this mission, however, if Battle Priest Calibos dies, the mission ends.

Points can be obtained in three ways:

  1. Completely defeating a wave of monsters. (Each wave is outlined in the table below.)
  2. A 2 point hold-out bonus is awarded every minute.
  3. Killing the 6 Luxon Adepts scattered across the map. They're 3 points each and every 3 minutes their point value increases by 3. You can view their current point value in the quest log. Defeating one will give your team a morale boost and the effect Rage of the Sea.

At the start of the mission, Battle Priest Calibos will greet the party and run to the top of the island. He will remain there to assist with healing and smiting spells, but cannot keep himself alive if left completely alone. Each wave is made up of several separate groups that immediately head toward the island once summoned.

It is a good idea to flag any Heroes and Henchmen in your party near Battle Priest Calibos at the start of the mission; this will ensure that they cover both sides equally and do not allow enemies to slip in on an unprotected side. You will not be moving from this spot until much later, if at all, so it is very advisable to bring skills which take advantage of this. Wells and wards in particular can be very advantageous here, because they will nearly always affect a large number of allies or enemies. It is also almost essential to have a minion master, or even better a minion bomber type character in your party, because this will provide a valuable meat shield which enemies will target preferentially over your party or Battle Priest Calibos.

Due to the massive number of enemies it is also advisable that you bring plenty of area of effect damage. Skills such as Splinter Weapon really shine here, so you might consider bringing multiple copies.

If you start to have difficulty with the Naga you may have to start focusing damage on single targets. Naga Archers in particular have block stances, and a self heal. If trying to bring down more than one at once your damage may become spread too thin, and you will have more difficulty killing them. From wave four you will start to see Oni and Saltspray Dragons. These have the potential to inflict a large amount of damage on your party, so it is wise to focus damage on these to bring them down quickly.

The reward for killing the 6 Luxon Adepts gradually increases, but they do not respawn, so it is advisable to wait as long as possible before defeating them. Rangers, ritualist spirits, or any character with ranged attacks can kill them while the rest of the party defends the priest. The location of each Adept is marked on the map above.

Spawns per wave
Wave Points for defeating Foes
1 +5 Outcast Warrior, Outcast Deathhand, Outcast Assassin, Outcast Ritualist
2 +5 Naga Warrior, Naga Archer, Naga Ritualist
3 +5 Leviathan Claw, Leviathan Mouth, Leviathan Eye
4 - 7 +5 Naga Warrior, Naga Archer, Naga Ritualist, Leviathan Claw, Leviathan Mouth, Leviathan Eye, Oni, Kraken Spawn, Saltspray Dragon
8+ Varies Siege Turtle

After you reach wave eight, each wave will afterwards consist of six Siege Turtles scattered across the map in pairs. Defeating all six in the time allotted for that wave will grant you a 50 point bonus, plus 5 points for each wave of turtles you have successfully destroyed previously. The turtles will attack from a large range, but then will be vulnerable while their attack is recharging.

Bug Bug.When the turtles start spawning, they will stop attacking and just walk back and forth near their spawn point, allowing for infinite points and faction without any risk or effort

Skill Recommendations[edit]

Skills like Protective Spirit will be extremely useful in surviving the initial cannon blasts, which each do up to about 300 points of damage to their main target, and slightly less to foes in their AoE. Turtles will also try to flee during the times when their attack skill is recharging, making snares somewhat useful. Running skills can also help greatly with this stage, although it may not be possible to bring them if you have trouble holding out beyond the initial seven waves.














Battle Priest Calibos: "It's a good day to die."
Battle Priest Calibos: "Save some for me!"
Battle Priest Calibos: "Hahahahaha!"
Battle Priest Calibos: "A hundred waves will eventually wear down even the hardest stone."
Battle Priest Calibos: "We die now with honor!"
Battle Priest Calibos: "Now let us see what you're made of!"
Battle Priest Calibos: "Through power we gain strength, through strength we gain power. May these young Luxons know the truth of these words now and always."


  • Like most challenge missions, the foes in this mission do not drop items when killed.
  • Your faction cap will increase by 1,000 Luxon faction the first time you finish this mission with 100 points or more.
  • If Luxon faction is maxed the first time you get over 100, you do not receive the extra end mission faction even when the limit is raised.
  • This challenge mission can be AFK farmed for Luxon faction points. As noted above, after wave 7 the mission bugs out, and never sends wave 8 and later waves to the island where Battle Priest Calibos stands. This allows players to gain 50 faction / minute indefinitely without any risk or effort. Certain hero team comps can successfully complete the first 7 waves without any player input.


  • This mission was named after the guild Zealots of Shiverpeak [ZoS]. As part of the reward for the hard work of a select number of Zealots on the Factions official strategy guide, ArenaNet named the challenge mission in honor of the guild. Note that the guild the Amazon Basin received an equal reward in having the challenge mission Amatz Basin named after them.

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