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Quest log window.

In the Quest Log the player is able to read the quest description, to switch between quests (anywhere) and to abandon quests (when in an outpost).


To the right is a screenshot of a standard quest log window. The numbers below correspond with the numbers in the picture.

1) Quest Category. Here you can select quest categories (areas- Southern Shiverpeaks, Istan, Kaineng City, etc.). They are able to be retracted/expanded, which allows you to see the Quests in each area.

2) Quest. If you click on a quest in your quest log, it is activated and an arrow shows you the way.

3) What to do. This is a step-by-step description of the activated quest.

4) Quest giver. This is the name and the location of the Quest giver.

5) Quest description. This is the quest description which describes the quest in detail. Sometimes it is necessary to read the quest description to know what to do.

6) Reward. The reward for completing the quest is displayed at the bottom of the quest description.

7) Abandon. This button, when clicked in a town or outpost, will remove a quest and all progress in it from the quest log. This can be useful as some quests modify spawn locations in explorable areas, and this can sometimes have a negative effect on other aspects, such as increasing quantities of foes or removing Nicholas the Traveler. If a player wishes to continue with an abandoned quest, the player must visit the quest giver and restart the quest from the beginning.

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