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Observer mode allows you to view PvP battles in the Hall of Heroes, top Guild Battles and top Tournament games. Observer mode is frequently used by players to see the strategies and builds of the top teams.

You access observer mode from the main menu or by pressing the keyboard shortcut (default key: B) when in a town or outpost. You leave the observer by pressing the keyboard shortcut again or using map travel.

The matches are delayed by 15 minutes before they are displayed to prevent any possible cheating. Playback will start from the beginning if you are first observer, later observers may join but miss the beginning of the match - but they will be able to watch with other players.


  • Press 'u' while in Observer mode to open or close the Mission Map overlay. This displays the location of the two teams and clickable fixed camera locations which take you to specific spots on the map.
  • Press 'p' while in Observer mode to bring up a party window. Use buttons on this window to duplicate it and change the visible team.
  • The overhead view centers on a random player when you enter. You can switch your focus to another character by left-clicking on that character, selecting their name in the party menu, or left-clicking on an icon in the observer map. Selecting a character allows to see the skills they are using at the time and the damage which they are taking.
  • Use Tab to cycle through visible players.
  • Auto-Camera is on by default and will switch from camera to camera or player to player to let you follow the action with ease. Turn off Auto-Camera by unchecking the box in the upper right corner.
  • Press 'o' while in Observer mode to see the Score Chart, which tracks the health and morale of each team.
  • Observers can see the elapsed game time and the countdown to the next team's Morale Boost.
  • While observing, observers can chat with other observers using the chat window. Players in the match cannot see the observers' comments.

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