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Resigning is a player-controlled mechanism that allows the party to leave a mission or explorable area as a group and without additional penalty. All player members of the party must use the special command, /resign or /giveup before the party leader receives the prompt to return the group to the last visited outpost/town.

Red resign[edit]

Red Resign and Red Resign Day are unofficial names for the informal agreement to manipulate the outcome of various PvP matches in which the red team resigns as soon as possible after the match begins. Since the colors are randomly assigned, this theoretically allows everyone to share equally in any benefits, for example accruing a sufficient number of wins or consecutive wins in order to complete a quest or earn Zaishen Strongboxes or other rewards.

ArenaNet has repeatedly stated that any form of match manipulation, including red resign, is against the End-user License Agreement and will result in appropriate penalties, most likely an account ban. Despite this, the practice has periodically been widespread.


  • If your party entered an explorable area through a portal from an outpost/town, your party will spawn next to the portal for that same explorable area in the (last visited) outpost/town after resigning by following these steps:
    1. Your party rezones by returning to the outpost/town through that portal.
    2. Your party returns to that explorable area through that portal again.
    3. Your party resigns when it wants to rezone (e.g. after farming).
After doing step 1 once, your party will spawn next to that portal in the outpost/town every time the party resigns until the party map travels. This method is usually used to rezone quickly after farming an explorable area (e.g. farming the Raptor cave).
  • In PvP, the /resign and /giveup commands will not work for the first five minutes of a match. It also affects Isle of the Nameless (PvP) even though it is not a match and the message that appears states "You cannot resign from this PvP match until enough time has elapsed."
Bug Bug.Resigning doesn't work during the 1-minute "time to start" countdown of challenge missions, and trying to resign during that countdown also stops the command from working after the countdown ends, until you rezone.


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