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You use the Trade Window to trade or give away items and money to other players.


Trade Button
Trade request window
Trade Window with no items offered
Trade Window with items offered
  • To start using the Trade Window, you need to either initiate a trade by clicking the Trade Button next to the desired character's target display, or accept a trade from a character wanting to trade with you by clicking the "View" button on the trade request window.
  • After you have done either of those actions, the Trade Window appears. Drag an item or items to the slots in the "<character name>'s Offer" section. To offer money, type in the amount of gold into the boxes labeled with the Platinum or Gold icons.
  • When you are done putting items and/or money into the offer section, click the "Submit Offer" button to enable the other character in the trade to see what you are offering them.
  • To see what the other character in the trade is offering you, look at the gray section under the "<other character name>'s Offer:" tag. Items offered will appear in the slots in the gray section, and money offered will appear in the top right of the Trade Window.
  • If either character changes their offer, the other character will see a warning that the offer was changed and the trade should be checked. This warning was added to prevent common scams.
  • To accept a trade, both parties must click the "Accept" button. You can cancel a trade at anytime, just click the "Decline" button on the trade request window or the "Cancel" button in the Trade Window.


  • You can offer a maximum of 100 Platinum and 7 items or item stacks from your inventory, but not your Vault box.
  • Certain items cannot be traded and cannot be placed in the Trade Window.
  • If a trade would cause either character to exceed their maximum inventory or money, the trade is automatically canceled when both characters click "Accept". For example, if a character's inventory is full (every slot is occupied by an item), the character cannot accept any more items. If the character's inventory money is full (100 Platinum), the character cannot accept any more money. The character would need to move some items or money to their Vault box before trading.
Bug Bug.If you offer at least one item from the Equipment Pack while the other character offers you in exchange at least one item which cannot be placed in the Equipment Pack, the trade will fail even if you have enough free slots in other inventory bags.

Trading customized items[edit]

It is possible to trade customized items with other characters. If you accept a Trade Window offer which includes customized items, you will see this warning message:

The following items are customized:
(list of customized items in the offer)
You cannot equip items that are customized for other characters.
Are you sure you want to accept the offer?
[Yes] [No]

User interface (edit)
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