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Quests offer a variety of rewards when completed. Longer and more difficult quest usually offer greater rewards (although there are many exceptions). Each campaign and expansion's quests offer rewards which vary depending on the campaign.

Standard rewards[edit]

Most quests reward a standard amount of gold and experience, depending on the campaign and the location. For example, almost all the quests in Factions given outside Shing Jea Island yield 3,000 experience and roughly 200 gold.

Point rewards[edit]

Skill points[edit]

A small number of quests reward a skill point.

Affiliation points[edit]

Attribute points[edit]

Each campaign offers two quests which provide 15 attribute points each. These quests are only available to characters native to the campaign, so each character can earn only 30 attribute points (in addition to those earned by increasing level).


Main article: Skill rewards

Many quests rewards allow you to learn skills for your primary and current secondary profession. Eye of the North offers quests that reward PvE-only skills that can be learned by any player-character. In Factions and Nightfall, skill quests are only offered as part of the earlier, training quests, i.e. only those on Shing Jea Island and Istan respectively. Skill quests are available in four Prophecies regions after leaving the pre-Searing training area.


Some quests give you items like Hunter's Ale or crafting materials. In certain quests early on, you may obtain bags or a belt pouch.


Some quest rewards include weapons whose complete properties have been identified. A few offer rare items, which can be identified to raise their merchant value, but will not contribute towards the Wisdom title. Some of the upgrade components from these weapons can be salvaged, but only a few have maximum stats. These weapons cannot be salvaged for crafting materials. Examples of quest reward weapons are the Grim Cesta and The Bison Cup.


Main article: Reward trophy

Reward trophies are type of trophy which can only be obtained through quests. They can be exchanged with certain NPCs for kits, keys, alcohol, or other minor items; Trade Contracts can also be exchanged for Rubies, Sapphires, or Diamonds.


Completing some quests in Nightfall and Eye of the North allows you to recruit heroes which you can add to your party at any location. Heroes are party members, for whom you can customize their armor, skills, and weapons. They use an AI similar to that of henchmen, although you have some options for influencing the behavior.

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