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Eternal Source of Wisdom.jpg
Campaign Core
Title type Account

Wisdom is an account-based title indicating how many rare items a player has identified. Rare items are those that are shown in-game with gold lettering. After reaching Tier 7 (Source of Wisdom), you can display this title at the "Honor" monument in your Hall of Monuments.

Wisdom title track[edit]

Tier Title Rare items identified Salvage bonus
1 Seeker of Wisdom 100 +3%
2 Collector of Wisdom 250 +6%
3 Devotee of Wisdom 550 +9%
4 Devourer of Wisdom 1,200 +12%
5 Font of Wisdom 2,500 +15%
6 Oracle of Wisdom 5,000 +18%
7 Source of Wisdom 10,000 +21%
  • The salvage bonus in the table above is added to base chance (50%) of retaining the base item when salvaging upgrades from it.


One point is added to the title track after using an identification kit on an unidentified gold item.


  • The salvage bonus from this title stacks with the similar bonus from the Treasure Hunter title track.
  • Superior runes that were salvaged from an identified salvage item are treated as being identified themselves. Although you can identify these runes again (to slightly raise their merchant value), this will not add a title point.
  • Items located in storage when identified will count towards this title.
  • When buying items from players, you can assume that items have an approximate merchant value of 200–350Gold.
  • The cost of the 400 kits used to identify 10,000 gold items is 40Platinum; if you use 100 Superior Identification Kits, you would spend 50Platinum.


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