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Eternal Commander.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Title type Account

The Commander title was earned for your account by gaining Victory Points in Hero Battles. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument from tier 3 onwards.

Info-Logo.png Note: This title track has been retired. You can no longer gain additional ranks.

Commander title track[edit]

Tier Title Victory points
1 Commander 125
2 Victorious Commander 250
3 Triumphant Commander 500
4 Keen Commander 840
5 Battle Commander 1,400
6 Field Commander 2,330
7 Lieutenant Commander 3,875
8 Wing Commander 6,480
9 Cobra Commander 10,800
10 Supreme Commander 18,000
11 Master And Commander 30,000
12 Legendary Commander 50,000


  • Each additional rank in this title increased the account's Balthazar faction by 5000.


Progress in this title is no longer possible since the October 22, 2009 update.

  • Players that have earned the rank of commander (tier 1) or better kept their title track progress bar and can choose to display it.
  • Players who had earned fewer than 125 Victory points can no longer see the title bar.


  • Eternal Codex Disciple and Eternal Commander were supposed to count as one trophy regarding the total number of trophies displayed in the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator, but due to a bug they currently do count as separate trophies, making the total amount of statues 53.


Bug Bug.In some accounts the bar is still visible even when below rank 1.

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