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Type Monument
Campaign Eye of the North

The "Honor" monument in the Hall of Monuments displays title and achievement statues. The look of the monument is affected by Kind of a Big Deal title track or your progress in filling the hall; each new rank or completed monument reveals an additional part of the statue (see image).


Title statues[edit]

Honor with rank progression of the KoaBD title
Beacon of light that can appear starting with I Have Many Leather-Bound Books or with the next stages of the Maxed Titles rank. Believed to be connected with the number of monuments and titles achieved.

The following titles can be shown on the platform (maximum rank needed unless otherwise noted):

Consumable-based titles (3)
Exploration- and mission-based titles (16)
Reputation- or faction-based titles (8)
PvP-based titles (6)
Special accomplishment titles (2)
Other titles (8)

Non-title statues[edit]


Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.

"The deeds of honor rise above the darkness of time, told in story
Written on stone and patterned in the stars, lit by glory
Never to be forgotten."

(The following paragraph depends on the maxed titles rank)

"<character name> has reached the rank of <maxed titles rank> in the Kind of a Big Deal title track."
"<character name> has not yet achieved the Kind of a Big Deal title." (If no maxed titles rank has been achieved)

(The following three paragraphs depend on the number of campaigns you have finished)

"Behold the deeds of the Flameseeker Prophecy, fulfilled by <character name>, who defeated the Titans, thwarted the machinations of the Lich, and freed Kryta from the Mursaat!"
"Let it be known, near and far, that Cantha's legends pay tribute to the honorable <character name>, savior of the Emperor Kisu, who sent the traitor Shiro Tagachi to his rightful doom."
"Hail to the hero who freed Kourna, rescued Vabbi, defended Istan, and vanquished the dark god Abaddon in the Domain of Anguish! [sic] Hail, Kormir, Goddess of Truth, and her greatest champion, <character name>! All Elona sings in praise!"

(The following paragraph denotes the Elite Missions completed since Eye of the North's release)

"Deep beneath Sorrow's Furnace, a true hero was born. May the name of <character name>, who defeated the Iron Forgeman, protected the Tome of the Rubicon, and crushed the Stone Summit Dwarves, be forever remembered."
"Let all who read this know the glory of <character name>, whose mighty deeds have restored order to the realm of the dead! Grenth himself owes honor to the one who crossed into the Mists, hunted foul demons beyond the doors of death, and brought Grenth's justice to the legions of Dhuum."
"Let the name <character name>, never be forgotten, nor the brave deeds in the Echovald Forest. May the great battle against the corrupted forest guardian, Urgoz, be remembered forever!."
"From Cavalon to the Jade Sea, the tales of <character name> shall be spread far and wide celebrating the destruction of Kanaxai and his oni, causing the downfall of the Nightmare Horde. Let all who see this remember.
"In a time of darkness, there was light. Behold this shining star of honor, who followed Balthazar's summons into the Fissure of Woe and defied Menzies the Mad. May the victory over the Eternals be remembered so long as the stars shine! May the Forge eternally be free! All Hail <Character name>!
"The legends tell of a hero to whom even nightmares held no fear! The powerful <character name>, who routed the Margonite Mallyx's forces in the Domain of Anguish after the defeat of Abaddon. From the Foundry of Failed Creations to the Stygian Veil, let the bells ring forever in celebration of this hero's deeds!
View the Monument to Honor.
Titles and other epic achievements are commemorated here. Achievements on display: (Added if at least one is)
Eternal [Achievement name]. (for each displayed)
Yes Display Eternal [Achievement name]. (for each undisplayed achievement)
As you gaze upon the monument, an image comes to mind. It is the Eternal [Title Track name] figure.
Yes Continue to visualize the Eternal [Achievement name] figure. (places statue, plays cinematic)
No Think it over some more.
Yes Arrange display. (if at least one is displayed)
Yes Gaze upon your displayed accomplishments. (plays cinematic, if at least one is displayed)


Character-based titles[edit]

Character-based Monument Requirements Display
Eternal Protector of Tyria Protector of Tyria Eternal Protector of Tyria.jpg
Eternal Protector of Cantha Protector of Cantha Eternal Protector of Cantha.jpg
Eternal Protector of Elona Protector of Elona Eternal Protector of Elona.jpg
Eternal Guardian of Tyria Guardian of Tyria Eternal Guardian of Tyria.jpg
Eternal Guardian of Cantha Guardian of Cantha Eternal Guardian of Cantha.jpg
Eternal Guardian of Elona Guardian of Elona Eternal Guardian of Elona.jpg
Eternal Legendary Guardian Legendary Guardian Eternal Legendary Guardian.jpg
Eternal Tyrian Vanquisher Tyrian Vanquisher Eternal Tyrian Vanquisher.jpg
Eternal Canthan Vanquisher Canthan Vanquisher Eternal Canthan Vanquisher.jpg
Eternal Elonian Vanquisher Elonian Vanquisher Eternal Elonian Vanquisher.jpg
Eternal Legendary Vanquisher Legendary Vanquisher Eternal Legendary Vanquisher.jpg
Eternal Tyrian Cartographer Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer (100%) Eternal Tyrian Cartographer.jpg
Eternal Canthan Cartographer Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (100%) Eternal Canthan Cartographer.jpg
Eternal Elonian Cartographer Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer (100%) Eternal Elonian Cartographer.jpg
Eternal Legendary Cartographer Legendary Cartographer Eternal Legendary Cartographer.jpg
Eternal Ale Hound Incorrigible Ale Hound Eternal Ale Hound.jpg
Eternal Sweet Tooth Connoisseur of Confectionaries Eternal Sweet Tooth.jpg
Eternal Party Animal Life of the Party Eternal Party Animal.jpg
Eternal Tyrian Skill Hunter Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter (1) Eternal Tyrian Skill Hunter.jpg
Eternal Canthan Skill Hunter Canthan Elite Skill Hunter (1) Eternal Canthan Skill Hunter.jpg
Eternal Elonian Skill Hunter Elonian Elite Skill Hunter (1) Eternal Elonian Skill Hunter.jpg
Eternal Legendary Skill Hunter Legendary Skill Hunter (1) Eternal Legendary Skill Hunter.jpg
Eternal Defender of Ascalon Legendary Defender of Ascalon Eternal Defender of Ascalon.jpg
Eternal Survivor Legendary Survivor (3) Eternal Survivor.jpg
Eternal Spearmarshal Legendary Spearmarshal (10) Eternal Spearmarshal.jpg
Eternal Lightbringer Holy Lightbringer (8) Eternal Lightbringer.jpg
Eternal Delver Legendary Delver (10) Eternal Delver.jpg
Eternal Ebon Vanguard Agent Secret Agent (10) Eternal Ebon Vanguard Agent.jpg
Eternal Bookah Not Too Shabby (10) Eternal Bookah.jpg
Eternal Slayer Slayer of All (10) Eternal Slayer.jpg
Eternal Master of the North Legendary Master of the North (6) Eternal Master of the North.jpg

Account-based titles[edit]

Account-based Monument Requirements Display
Eternal Treasure Hunter Grandmaster Treasure Hunter (7) Eternal Treasure Hunter.jpg
Eternal Source of Wisdom Source of Wisdom (7) Eternal Source of Wisdom.jpg
Eternal Fortune Lucky (2) Eternal Fortune.jpg
Eternal Misfortune Unlucky (2) Eternal Misfortune.jpg
Eternal Skillz Numchuck Skillz (3) Eternal Skillz.jpg
Eternal Gladiator Mighty Gladiator (3) Eternal Gladiator.jpg
Eternal Champion Mighty Champion (3) Eternal Champion.jpg
Eternal Codex Disciple 1 Codex (3) Eternal Codex Disciple.png
Eternal Commander 1 Triumphant Commander (3) Eternal Commander.jpg
Eternal Hero Conquering Hero (6) Eternal Hero.jpg
Eternal Savior of the Kurzicks Ally of the Kurzicks (4) Eternal Savior of the Kurzicks.jpg
Eternal Savior of the Luxons Ally of the Luxons (4) Eternal Savior of the Luxons.jpg
Eternal Zaishen Supporter Companion of the Zaishen (3) Eternal Zaishen Supporter.jpg

1 Eternal Codex Disciple and Eternal Commander count as one and the same trophy for the total number of trophies displayed in the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator.

Miscellaneous achievements[edit]

Character-based Monument Requirements Display
Eternal Hero of Tyria Completion of Hell's Precipice mission Eternal Hero of Tyria.jpg
Eternal Hero of Cantha Completion of Imperial Sanctum mission Eternal Hero of Cantha.jpg
Eternal Hero of Elona Completion of Abaddon's Gate mission Eternal Hero of Elona.jpg
Eternal Conqueror of the Deep Completion of The Deep1 Eternal Conqueror of the Deep.jpg
Eternal Conqueror of Urgoz's Warren Completion of Urgoz's Warren1 Eternal Conqueror of Urgoz's Warren.jpg
Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace Completion of The Final Assault1 Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace.jpg
Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld Completion of all Underworld quests in one sitting1
(Including defeating Dhuum since his introduction)
Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld.jpg
Eternal Conqueror of the Fissure of Woe Completion of all the Fissure of Woe quests in one sitting1 Eternal Conqueror of the Fissure of Woe.jpg
Eternal Conqueror of the Domain of Anguish Completion of Mallyx the Unyielding quest1

Eternal Conqueror of the Domain of Anguish.jpg

1 To count, Conqueror tasks must be completed after the release of Guild Wars Eye of the North, as they were not tracked by the game before the expansion's release.

Reward points[edit]

By filling up this monument you can acquire up to 18 points for rewards for Guild Wars 2.

Points Requirement
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
Accounts Linked
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
Any Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
1 PvP Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
5 Statues
(Full Display)
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
10 Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
15 Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
20 Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
25 Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
30 Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
35 Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points Yellow.png
40 Statues
Total points: 18


  • Due to the April 23, 2009 update, multiple copies of a statue can be put into a monument. This serves no purpose other than to pretty up a monument or fill in the gaps.
  • Statues belonging to deleted characters will remain in the account-wide version of the hall and will continue to count towards GW2 rewards.
  • You may add items to any monument when your Hall of Monuments is in account-wide display provided the character adding the item has put a tapestry in that monument in their character-specific display.

Anomaly Anomaly.If a character on your account has a title, other characters on your account must enter their character-specific display to add it too.

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