Defender of Ascalon

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Defender of Ascalon
Eternal Defender of Ascalon.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Title type Character

Legendary Defender of Ascalon is a title which can only be obtained by reaching level 20 in Ascalon (pre-Searing), the tutorial area of Guild Wars Prophecies.

Defender of Ascalon title track[edit]

Tier Title Level in pre-Searing
1 Legendary Defender of Ascalon 20


Players can only progress this title while in pre-Searing Ascalon. Characters from the Nightfall and Factions campaign cannot get the title. Characters from the Prophecies campaign cannot get the title if they leave Pre-Searing by starting the Ascalon Academy mission.

Reaching level 20 requires a total of 140,600 experience points (XP).

Optimized Walkthrough[edit]

See also: Guide to Legendary Defender of Ascalon for a detailed walkthrough

Getting the title usually involves first getting skills and weapons, then reaching level 10 by killing weak low level foes or the stronger high level Charr. At level 10 the player gets access to the daily quests from Lieutenant Langmar, spawning higher level foes that can be killed to reach level 20.


  • This is the only title with any restrictions on completion.
  • The progress in this title is displayed on the Titles tab of the Hero panel after the character reaches level 12.
  • This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument without leaving the area by speaking with Kimmes The Historian in Ascalon City.


Captain Langmar—or Lieutenant, as her rank was then—is making an appearance in Pre-Searing. She's got two good eyes and nine new daily quests with her. These quests will scale both in difficulty and rewards relative to the level of the player taking the quests. Because of this, these quests will always remain relevant to your character's growth if you are trying to reach level 20 in Pre-Searing.

This addition is mostly to provide a legitimate way for players to achieve the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title. Previously, this title was obtainable only through an unusual exploit of the game's mechanics: "death leveling." For this exploit, players allowed enemies to kill them repeatedly until the enemies leveled to a point where they were once again worth experience to the player. This was an incredibly time-consuming process, often requiring months to achieve. While this shows noble dedication from our players, we should not have encouraged such a counterintuitive style of playing. Instead, we are adding these daily quests to do the title justice and to let players legitimately play the game to earn the title. After all, do you really feel like a Legendary Defender of Ascalon after letting the charr kill you endlessly?

These quests become available to players once they reach level 10, to avoid confusion among new players about how long they should remain in Pre-Searing. Because these quests occur daily, obtaining the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title is still going to require a major time investment from the player and should not devalue the achievement of those who already have it.

Developer updates

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