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Zaishen rank
Eternal Zaishen Supporter.jpg
Campaign Core
Title type Account

Zaishen rank is an account-based title given to players who use Zaishen Keys to open the Zaishen Chest; five points are earned for each key used. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument from Rank 3 onwards. The title is accompanied by an emote (performed by using the command /zaishen or /zrank) which will change as you progress in this title track.

Zaishen title track[edit]

Tier Title Zaishen reputation points Emote Total keys used
1 Zaishen Supporter 250 + Copper Spear Zaishen rank 1 emote 50
2 Friend of the Zaishen 500 + Silver Spear Zaishen rank 2 emote 100
3 Companion of the Zaishen 1,000 + Golden Spear Zaishen rank 3 emote 200
4 Ally of the Zaishen 1,680 + Copper Hammer Zaishen rank 4 emote 336
5 Sentinel of the Zaishen 2,800 + Silver Hammer Zaishen rank 5 emote 560
6 Steward of the Zaishen 4,660 + Golden Hammer Zaishen rank 6 emote 932
7 Defender of the Zaishen 7,750 + Copper Axe Zaishen rank 7 emote 1,550
8 Warden of the Zaishen 12,960 + Silver Axe Zaishen rank 8 emote 2,592
9 Bastion of the Zaishen 21,600 + Golden Axe Zaishen rank 9 emote 4,320
10 Champion of the Zaishen 36,000 + Copper Sword Zaishen rank 10 emote 7,200
11 Hero of the Zaishen 60,000 + Silver Sword Zaishen rank 11 emote 12,000
12 Legendary Hero of the Zaishen 100,000 + Golden Sword Zaishen rank 12 emote 20,000
Note: When you have reached the golden level for each weapon, that weapon will always be present in your emote.


  • Players earn 5 Zaishen Reputation Points for each Zaishen key used.



  • The weapon models used in the emote are the Windblade Spear, Magmas Arm, Spiked Axe and Long Sword.
  • Except for the last tier, the prefix for each tier's name is the same as for Kurzick and Luxon allegiance.
  • This title is not retroactive, any keys used prior to the May 8th, 2008 update do not count toward the title.
  • You can activate the relevant emote by typing /zaishen [#] or /zrank [#]; by default, typing the command without the number activates the highest emote available to you.
  • If you have not earned a Zaishen Rank, the emote will be identical to /cheer, but will still have the 30 second timeout. /cheer is not affected by this timeout.
  • Starting at rank 3, each rank is roughly 60% of the next rank.

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