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Tournament Reward Points are awarded at the end of an automated tournament. Additional Tournament Reward Points are rewarded to the top 25% finishers. Only guilds who have played at least one match receive points. In daily GvG tournaments, a guild is rewarded 3 points for each win. Only the players that participate in the first round of the GvG automated tournaments will receive Tournament Reward Points. Since the 20 March 2008 update Tournament Reward points are based off the number of teams who did not forfeit in the first round. Tournament reward points can be exchanged with Tolkano the tournament agent.


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This page contains information about an element of Guild Wars that has changed since the original writing, and may need to be updated to reflect the current state of the game.

Points for each win[edit]

Monthly: 6

Daily: 3

Bonus Points[edit]

Added in the 20 March 2008 update. Bonus Tournament Reward Points for playing until the end: 15

Maximum additional points[edit]

Monthly: 4,500

Daily: 60


  • "Winners" are defined as the top 25% of finishers.

Below the formula to calculate the amount of additional reward points.

Tournament reward point equation1.png

Example calculation additional reward points[edit]

For example, if 40 people played in an HvH daily tournament, the top 10 winners (25% of the finishers, 10 out of 40) would receive the following amount of points:

Tournament reward point equation2.png

More participants better for additional reward points[edit]

The additional tournament reward points are calculated over the total number of people that participate who did not forfeit in the first round. The calculation below shows how the tournament reward points are calculated.

For example 342 people participate in a GvG tournament. These people are divided over 3 pages, so 114 people per page. The number of winners is 25% of the total participants who did not forfeit in the first round. So number of winners 25% of 342 = 86 (85,5). It is not 25% of 114 which would be 29 (For the calculation with a number of winners of 29 check the talk page). A player ends up number 13 on page 2 of the tournament and received 27 tournament reward points. So that is 1 reward point for each win and 17 additional reward points and 5 rewards points for finishing the last round.


  • 342 people divided over 3 pages, ended 13th of the 114 people with 5 wins and 2 losses
  • Number of winners (25% of 342) = 86
  • Rank of each winner = 13
  • Maximum tournament reward points = 20

Tournament reward point equation3.png

The total amount of points that will be received is (additional + for each win + bonus for playing last round) 17 + 5 + 5 = 27 tournament reward points.