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Automated tournaments are swiss-style tournaments for Guild Battles. These competitions take place three times daily, and are staggered to allow players from different timezones to take part. Competitors, by performing well through the automated rounds for a month, will have the opportunity to participate in the tournament at the end of each month which offer large amounts of Tournament Reward Points as prizes.

Ladder / rating change[edit]

  • The tournament system interacts with the ladder rating system, but victories in the tournament reward greater ladder adjustment modifiers (K-values), with a K value of 25. Monthly tournaments have even greater rating modifier with K=50. The current ladder system has a K=15.
  • Since the 20 March 2008 update a guild or player will now lose K value (25 for daily, 50 for monthly) rating if the guild or player signs up for a tournament and forfeit the first round.
  • Be wary that rating change for win/losses is significantly higher than in a normal rated GvG match.


  • The tournaments are currently run as a swiss-system tournament where each instance has a maximum of 32 competitors. This means that there is a maximum of 5 rounds of play. There is currently a minimum requirement of 8 parties for tournaments. If more than the maximum number of competitors sign up for a tournament, then the tournament is split as necessary and two or more instances of the tournament are created. A future feature will be that the top 8 finishers, determined by the number of Match Points earned during the swiss rounds, are invited to continue playing in elimination playoffs to determine the results of the monthly tournament. Each round the pairing is random based on the win-loss statistics.

Participant requirements[edit]

  • Two players must have been a member of their guild for 7 days. One of these players must be an officer. The remaining players may be a combination of up to six guests, henchmen, or members. This is automatically verified. Henchmen are restricted to a maximum of four.
  • Monthly tournaments require four guild members who have been a member of their guild for at least 7 days. No guests are allowed. Henchmen are restricted to a maximum of two.
  • Other players are allowed to substitute into later rounds. As long as the above requirements are maintained.
  • All party members must be registered with Tolkano.
  • The first battle of a daily tournament sets the tournament roster for that tournament and is the list of players that are eligible for receiving Tournament Reward Points.


GvG has tournaments which run every 8 hours. Participants are required to register within an hour before the tournament. A countdown clock is provided in the staging area, the Guild Hall, showing the time until the match starts. The competitor must have joined before this timer completes or forfeit the match and leave the tournament.

All Automated Tournaments also have wait times between rounds to allow for guilds to finish playing matches.

Tournament start time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00 UTC (17:00 PDT)              
01:00 UTC (18:00 PDT)              
02:00 UTC (19:00 PDT)     GvG       GvG
03:00 UTC (20:00 PDT)   GvG   GvG   GvG  
04:00 UTC (21:00 PDT) GvG       GvG    
05:00 UTC (22:00 PDT)              
06:00 UTC (23:00 PDT)              
07:00 UTC (00:00 PDT)              
08:00 UTC (01:00 PDT)              
09:00 UTC (02:00 PDT)              
10:00 UTC (03:00 PDT)              
11:00 UTC (04:00 PDT)     GvG       GvG
12:00 UTC (05:00 PDT)   GvG   GvG   GvG  
13:00 UTC (06:00 PDT) GvG       GvG    
14:00 UTC (07:00 PDT)              
15:00 UTC (08:00 PDT)              
16:00 UTC (09:00 PDT)              
17:00 UTC (10:00 PDT)              
18:00 UTC (11:00 PDT)     GvG       GvG
19:00 UTC (12:00 PDT)   GvG   GvG   GvG  
20:00 UTC (13:00 PDT) GvG       GvG    
21:00 UTC (14:00 PDT)              
22:00 UTC (15:00 PDT)              
23:00 UTC (16:00 PDT)              


  • Entry to the tournament is bought with Tournament Tokens which are purchased with Balthazar faction. If a competitor drops out of the tournament once it has started, there is no refund. Any competitor that forfeits in the first round will not be considered for prize points, and they will also suffer a drop in rating. If fewer than 8 parties register, Tolkano offers a refund for used Tournament Tokens.
  • GvG tournament entry costs 5 Tournament Tokens.


  • Tournament matches are performed on a predetermined list of Guild Halls; this list follows. An often incorrect order is published in the tournament description that can be found by talking to Tolkano.
Month Rotation
January Isle of Weeping StoneUncharted IsleDruid's IsleBurning IsleWarrior's Isle
February Isle of WurmsIsle of JadeIsle of MeditationImperial IsleDruid's Isle
March Burning IsleFrozen IsleWarrior's IsleIsle of SolitudeUncharted Isle
April Isle of the DeadIsle of SolitudeImperial IsleIsle of WurmsIsle of Jade
May Isle of WurmsImperial IsleIsle of MeditationWarrior's IsleFrozen Isle
June Isle of Weeping StoneIsle of JadeWarrior's IsleUncharted IsleImperial Isle
July Burning IsleIsle of WurmsUncharted IsleNomad's IsleIsle of Solitude
August Isle of the DeadWarrior's IsleCorrupted IsleFrozen IsleIsle of Meditation
September Isle of SolitudeDruid's IsleCorrupted IsleIsle of Weeping StoneUncharted Isle
October Isle of MeditationUncharted IsleIsle of JadeIsle of SolitudeIsle of the Dead
November Corrupted IsleImperial IsleNomad's IsleIsle of MeditationIsle of Jade
December Burning IsleDruid's IsleWarrior's IsleUncharted IsleFrozen Isle

Win / Loss / Bye[edit]

  • With an odd number of competitors, the guild with the lowest amount of match points will receive a Bye, which means an automatic win for the tournament. If this happens at the beginning of the tournament, a random competitor will be given the Bye.
  • When receiving a forfeit or a bye, no match is played, because of this there will be no change in rating.

Monthly tournament / Qualifier Points[edit]

  • The top eight teams earn Qualifier Points for the major monthly tournament. 20 Qualifier Points allow entry to the monthly tournament.
  • Placing in the top eight of the daily tournaments grants you 9-<your rank> Qualifier Points.
  • The number of Qualifier Points awarded in daily tournaments is as follows:
Tournament Result QP Awarded Daily Tourney
1st 8
2nd 7
3rd 6
4th 5
5th 4
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1

Tournament Reward Points[edit]

  • Players are also rewarded with Tournament Reward Points which will give the player access to items with unique skins. The tournament agent Tolkano grants the rewards (see the PvP reward article for a list of rewards). Top placing players earn bonus reward points.


  • Newest tournament rules can be found here.


The first monthly automated tournament started in May 2007. The prizes and results of all the tournaments can be found here:


  • In the January 2009 monthly tournament, guilds Rebel Rising [rawr] and Survival Rate [zero] purposefully drew a match to advance in the tournament. The two guilds were punished by having their metallic cape trims removed temporarily. Similar behavior in the future may bring harsher punishments.


Prior to Wintersday 2013,[1][2] an 8 versus 8 Dwayna Vs Grenth version of the automated tournament (also known as the "snowball tournament") was available during Wintersday. The matches were played in the usual Dwayna Vs Grenth arena and tournament entry was free.

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