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A guest can be invited by a guild leader or guild officer in order to go to the guild hall of the inviter. The invitation costs 100Gold, but once accepted, runs out after 24 hours. A maximum of 20 guests can be invited at a given time and the total number of members and guests cannot exceed 100.[verification requested]


  • Can go to the guild hall to participate in Guild versus Guild; or generally loiter, and use its services
  • Can talk to other members inside the guild hall using the local chat channel
  • Counts as a guild member for Heroes' Ascent games.


  • Can't see the host guild's roster, status, announcement or alliance.
  • Can't use the guild or alliance chat to communicate with said guild or alliance.
  • Can't donate Kurzick/Luxon faction to the alliance of host guild.
  • Only a guest of the guild for 24 hours, then another invitation must be sent.
  • Can't access the special merchants in the alliance's owned Factions outpost.
Anomaly Anomaly.Although the invitation claims to have a duration of 8 hours, the true duration is 24 hours. After the first 8 hours expire, the invitation will claim there are 0 minutes remaining.