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Disambig icon.png This article is about player alliances. For the in-game factions, see Kurzick and Luxon.

An alliance is a group of two to ten guilds that have allied together under a single banner, for the purposes of communication and player versus player.

Forming an alliance[edit]

New alliances may only be formed by a guild leader who has access to the Guild Wars Factions campaign and has pledged his allegiance to either the Kurzick or Luxon factions. To form an alliance under one of these two factions, the guild leader must travel to the corresponding main town of either faction (i.e. House zu Heltzer for Kurzick, Cavalon for Luxon). A fee of 500Gold has to be paid to the representing ambassador. Alliances can only be formed as Kurzick or Luxon alliances.

Once done, the guild will become the lead guild of the alliance, and the guild leader of that guild will become the leader of the alliance.

Joining an existing alliance[edit]

To join an alliance, an invitation must be sent by the leader of the alliance. All invitations cost 1Platinum, and up to ten guilds in total (including the lead guild) may form together as an alliance.

Alliance faction[edit]

Alliance faction is the total number of faction (Kurzick or Luxon) collected by all guilds in that alliance. In order to contribute and raise the amount of faction that the guild (and subsequently, the alliance) has, members must speak to a Kurzick Bureaucrat or Luxon Scavenger. These NPCs will give the option to donate a set amount of 5,000 faction to the alliance. This is done by entering the character's name into a declaration, saying that it is fine for that faction to be transferred. Once done, the guild's and the alliance's faction will increase by 5,000 points, and the donated player's allegiance rank will progress by 10,000 points. To keep the numbers from reaching unlimited heights, 10% of the total faction is deducted from the alliance every day at 00:00 UTC (4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time).


All guilds in an alliance will have the following features enabled for each member in that alliance:

  • Communicating to members of allied guilds through Alliance chat
  • Access to the Alliance tab in the Guild Menu (default keyboard shortcut "G"). This section can also be used to access other guild halls in the alliance, as well as noting the amount of faction each guild currently has.


New NPCs will also appear in an allied guild hall, they are:

  • Kurzick Bureaucrat - for an alliance under the Kurzick faction, this NPC will exchange Kurzick faction for a number of different rewards.
  • Luxon Scavenger - for an alliance under the Luxon faction, this NPC will exchange Luxon faction for a number of different rewards.
  • Alliance Battles NPC - this NPC will provide access to the Alliance Battles.

Controlled outposts and towns[edit]

Alliances that have accumulated a substantial amount of faction will automatically gain control over an outpost or town, depending on the position of that outpost or town, and the position of the Kurzick-Luxon border. Outposts or towns that have been controlled by an alliance will grant their members access to an exclusive alliance-only area. These areas can contain the following NPCs:

Leaving an alliance[edit]

A guild leader can remove their guild from the alliance at any time. To do this, select the guild from under the Alliance tab, then click "Leave Alliance" at the bottom of the window.

Guilds that leave alliances also take any faction they have contributed with them.

The leading guild of an alliance cannot leave directly. The leader of the leading guild must kick the other guilds from the alliance.

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