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Luxon ranger.jpg
Affiliation Luxons
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions
Eurayle map.jpg
Location in Cavalon

Eurayle sends your party to the Deep.



"Years ago, when the Jade Wind froze the sea, a demon of nightmares was trapped deep below the sea's hardened waters. A group of Luxons unearthed the demon's resting place while mining the sea for jade and other resources. The demon's nightmares slowly seeped into their minds, until they eventually went insane. The tale of these outcasts is a sad one, but if you come across any, do not show them pity. They are beyond rehabilitation and will not hesitate to kill you.
The demon that caused the corruption of these outcasts is known by the name Kanaxai, bringer of despair. He is also the source of the oni that appear all over Cantha as waking nightmares. If you wish to prove your loyalty to the Luxons, head into the caves known as The Deep that lead toward the ancient mine, and destroy the outcasts and the demon Kanaxai."
Ask Can you take me to The Deep?
"Sure, just let me know when you are ready."
Yes I am ready.
This will take you into The Deep. Once inside, you will be able to reform your party and adjust your skills before proceeding. Are you sure you would like to enter The Deep now?
Yes I am sure. (sent to The Deep (outpost))
No Perhaps not.
No I am not ready.
No I'll be on my way.


  • Both Eurayle and Vash enter Kaineng Center from Bukdek Byway when a player loads into a new instance.