Fireworks Master

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Fireworks Master
Canthan adept.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Service Alliance service
Level(s) 20
Campaign Factions

Fireworks Masters can be found in some outposts or towns that are controlled by alliances. The Fireworks Master is in the exclusive area of outposts, where only if your alliance owns the outposts, you can get in. If your alliance owns the outpost, speak to a Fireworks Master to put up a firework display for you. There are different prices for different levels of fireworks displays.

Cost Level
100Gold Simple display
1Platinum Moderate display
5Platinum Extravagant display



"I have been trained and certified in the use of fireworks by the Celestial Ministry of Cantha. My talents are at your disposal. Shall I begin a fireworks show now? A simple display can be yours for the somewhat laughable price of 100 gold. A standard show requires true artistry, and such a show will cost you 1 platinum piece...which I am certain you will agree is a mere pittance once you see what it buys you. A fireworks extravaganza, perhaps the single most spectacular thing ever seen on the face of the Canthan continent, a dazzling wonder that the good citizens of our fair empire will be talking about for years to come, costs a mere 5 platinum pieces. Where else can you attain virtually infinite fame at so low a price? Where, I ask you?"
Dialogue quest mark ingame.png Buy a simple display. (Pay 100 gold.)
Dialogue quest mark ingame.png Buy a standard show. (Pay 1 platinum.)
Dialogue quest mark ingame.png Buy a fireworks extravaganza. (Pay 5 platinum.)

To the player after purchasing any display

"Are you ready for a sight that will delight young, old, and those of middling age alike? I thought so! The show will begin shortly, and I do hope it pleases you."

To the district after purchasing a 1 platinum display

"Attention, everyone, please! Prepare to feast your eyes upon a complimentary fireworks show courtesy of <Character name> of <Player's guild>."

To the district after purchasing a 5 platinum display

"Barons and baronesses; captains and champions; ladies and gentlemen; friends and neighbors: Prepare yourselves for a wonderous and completely complimentary fireworks extravaganza courtesy of your friend <Character name> of <Player's guild>. Please, if you have a small children or pets, keep them clear of the launching area, and get ready to enjoy the spectacle!"

Dialogue immediately after starting a display

"I have been trained and certified in the use of fireworks by the Celestial Ministry of Cantha. I do not have the materials prepared for a fireworks show at this time. Please check with me again in a few minutes and I will be happy to assist you with a show you...and, perhaps, others, if you have enough gold...will never forget!"

Display levels[edit]

The duration of the displays vary dramatically depending on how much the player is willing to pay. The 100 Gold display will launch a single round of fireworks, the 1 Platinum display launches about 3 rounds of fireworks, while the 5 Platinum display lasts several minutes.


  • Fireworks displays set off by the Fireworks master do not count towards the party animal title track.