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A guild leader is the leader of a guild. There can only be one leader at a time. When the guild is created, the player who paid to create it is made leader; later they can transfer the position by promoting another member to it, which will also demote them to officer.

Guild leader's privileges[edit]

The guild leader has total discretion over the guild, and many options are only available to them. Only guild leaders can:

Along with their officers, guild leaders can also:

Automatic designation[edit]

If a guild leader is inactive for 60 days (2 months) from the last login, as shown in Guild window, they will automatically be demoted to officer, and the most senior officer who was active in the past 60 days will be instantly promoted to leader. If there is no active officer in the guild, the most senior member who was active in the past 60 days will be promoted instead.^

A new leader will have this description instead of the usual Promoted by <username>:

Auto-designated as Guild Leader by Guild Wars. Leadership surrendered by: <username>.
Anomaly Anomaly.Some times it takes longer than 60 days for the automatic demotion of a guild leader. In some cases it may take up to 74 days.