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Guild Emblemer interface

Capes are acquired by joining a guild that has one, or buying one from the Guild Emblemer as a guild leader, which costs 2Platinum. Capes bear the symbol of a guild, and is a requirement to buy a guild hall. Only guild leaders can change the cape of a guild, but every member has the ability to preview a cape design on the Guild Emblemer pane.

The guild cape is worn on all characters of an account, regardless of member status. Much like a character's headgear, visibility can be set to only in towns, only in combat areas, both, or not at all (via the Inventory screen). Capes are required to be shown in PvP combat and is displayed automatically (regardless of preferences set in the inventory menu). The cape's color scheme alters in PvP depending on the team color - blue, red or yellow - but the emblem remains unchanged. Players joining PvP battles without being in a guild will temporarily don a blank cape without an emblem for every battle. This kind of cape doesn't appear nor remain in the inventory and disappears after the battle ends, or when the battle is left.

Cape trim[edit]

Examples of gold trimmed capes
Gold trim cape example.png Gold trim cape example 2.png Gold trim cape example 3.png
Gold trim cape example 4.png Gold trim cape example 5.png Gold trim cape example 6.png
Gold trim cape example 7.png Gold trim cape example 8.png Gold trim cape example 9.png

The cape trim is the outer edge of the cape, the trim design can be changed but the color could be changed only through special tournaments until the June 2023 update. There are nine possible trim designs from which to choose.

Gold, Silver and Bronze cape trims were awarded to guilds that place well in worldwide Guild Battle (GvG) tournaments. Four special championships, as well as monthly generic ones have occurred:

These cape trims used to be awarded to top finishing guilds at the end of each ladder season.

Position color:

  • In the past, the winning players of a season ladder had their trim changed to gold permanently.
  • In the past, silver and bronze cape trims were also rewarded. These trims were removed at the start of the next tournament.

Other colors of trim[edit]

Tolkano offers guilds the ability to change their trim to some other colors in exchange for 2500, 7500 or 15000 Tournament Reward Points. These cape trims do not expire and will overwrite any trim that the guild already has. In the past, if the guild won a Monthly Automated Tournament, the gold trim overwrote any trim that the guild had.


Twisted cape
  • It is sometimes possible for a cape to get twisted while playing.
  • Capes will disappear when viewed through partially transparent or translucent textures, such as water and the edges of grass.
  • Trims will show up in the cape's shadow as well.
  • As capes are not a static part of armor, they often display clipping. This is most prominent on armor that is wider on the back, such as long coats. Similarly, while characters are moving, the cape will display clipping in some form.


  • Excluding color, there are 50,112 different ways to design a cape.
  • On the Eternal Shield there are two of the symbols that can be chosen for a guild cape.
  • Bronze cape trim is sometimes referred to as "poop trim," particularly by the PvP community.
  • Since the May 16, 2013 update, the winning mAT team is automatically awarded a gold cape at the conclusion of the mAT; Silver and Bronze trims are no longer awarded as a result of mAT placement (i.e. Silver for 2nd to 16th place, Bronze for 17th to 32nd). If no final is played, no gold trim is awarded.
  • Since the June 8, 2023 update, Gold trims are no longer awarded to the winning team of the mAT.
  • Since the August 23, 2023 update, Tolkano now offers guilds the ability to change their trim to Gold in exchange for 15,000 Tournament Reward Points.

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