Ebon Vanguard rank

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Ebon Vanguard rank
Eternal Ebon Vanguard Agent.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Title type Character

Ebon Vanguard rank is gained per character by earning Vanguard reputation points. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument.

Ebon Vanguard rank title track[edit]

Tier Title Reputation points Armor rating Adrenaline gain
1 Agent (1) 1,000 +6 +40%
2 Covert Agent (2) 4,000 +7 +55%
3 Stealth Agent (3) 8,000 +8 +70%
4 Mysterious Agent (4) 16,000 +9 +85%
5 Shadow Agent (5) 26,000 +10 +100%
6 Underground Agent (6) 40,000 +10 +100%
7 Special Agent (7) 56,000 +10 +100%
8 Valued Agent (8) 80,000 +10 +100%
9 Superior Agent (9) 110,000 +10 +100%
10 Secret Agent (10) 160,000 +10 +100%



Vanguard reputation points can be earned by:

Characters who have reached rank 8 in the title (Valued Agent) can no longer accumulate Vanguard reputation points in Normal mode except through quest rewards and receive Veteran Vanguard Patrol instead of Vanguard Patrol when they speak to a bounty NPC in Normal mode. To achieve ranks 9 and 10, the points must be earned in Hard mode or through quests. If you plan to max this title on a character, consider waiting until that character is at least rank 8 before vanquishing areas in the Charr Homelands and for a Northern Support weekly bonus before turning in secondary quests that reward Vanguard reputation points.


Most players find the most rewarding (and least boring) method of farming points is to complete multiple versions of the Hero's Handbook, which takes about 4 hours to finish and grants 20,000 points. After reaching level 8, players might find it faster to turn in partially completed Hard mode books rather than farming bounties.

  • Rank 6-8:
    • Exit Doomlore Shrine to Dalada Uplands, avoiding enemies until you can cross to Sacnoth Valley. Grab the first bounty and then kill all the normal enemies, leaving the resurrection shrines and bosses for later. Once you've accumulated 150 kills, start talking to the other Ebon Vanguard Scouts, and once you've accumulated 250 kills, start killing bosses.
    • After completing the Ebon Vanguard branch of the storyline, you can do the Special Ops mini-missions if you have Encrypted Charr Battle Plans. Reward for any mini-mission is 1000 points, however, your rank should not be higher than 7.
  • Rank 9-10:
    • Complete all the secondary quests that award Ebon Vanguard points.
    • Repeat the Sacnoth Valley farm in HM. This yields nearly 2500 points per run.
    • To reach rank 10 efficiently, turn in your Hero's Handbook or Master Dungeon Guide just as you reach 79,999 points; Gedrel of Ascalon will not accept the Normal mode storybooks after this.
    • The Rise mini-mission from Hearts of the North can be repeated in approximately 7-8 minutes, yielding 1,250 points, which translates to over 9,000 points/hour.
      • Similarly, when using a personal speedboost consumable such as a cupcake, it is possible to run past all of the groups except the last in Auspicious Beginnings. This can be repeated in approximately 4-5 minutes, yielding 1,250 points, which translates to over 15,000 points/hour.
    • The Snowball Dominance minigame from Wintersday can be repeated in approximately 3-5 minutes, yielding 500 points, which translates to at least 6,000 points/hour.


  • For title skills, Ebon Vanguard rank translates to effective attribute rank as follows:
Ebon Vanguard rank 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Effective attribute rank 0 3 6 9 12 15 15 15 15 15 15


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