Shadows in the Jungle

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Shadows in the Jungle
Section Primary Ebon Vanguard Quests
Storyline Beyond: Hearts of the North
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Automatically obtained
in Hall of Monuments
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by The Broken Sword
Followed by The Mantle's Guise
Type Primary quest Repeatable quest
(Solo Quest)
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Continue Keiran and Miku's journey as they discover a White Mantle plot.

Quest information[edit]


  • Search for the White Mantle.
  • Defeat the White Mantle encampment.
  • Find information about the White Mantle's plans.



Follow the main path from Aurora Glade until you reach the area with the Henge Portal, killing foes along the way. Find and read the White Mantle Missive deep in the camp to finish the quest.

As in other Hearts of the North mini-missions:

  • Use Keiran's Sniper Shot against targets called out by Miku, which causes over 900 points of damage if it hits (unless Miku's Promise of Death is removed).
  • If she dies, Miku will self-resurrect after a short period of time.






Humans (Peacekeeper)

Humans (White Mantle)




Upon entering the jungle
Miku: "Hey Keiran, we've been traveling for a while now. So, tell me: what were you doing when we first crossed paths?"
Keiran Thackeray: "I was... on the run. I'd led off the White Mantle in order to save some people. I lost a friend along the way. And I lost the place I thought I belonged."
Miku: "Well, we can all lose things easily. But we find new things just as easily! You only have to look."
Further in the jungle
Keiran Thackeray: "Has anyone ever told you that you're relentless?"
Miku: "I'm relentless about making things better!"
Keiran Thackeray: "I think there's more to it than that."
Miku: "Maybe I feel that I need to become better as well."
Upon entering the area with the crystal
Keiran Thackeray: "It doesn't add up. There are this many White Mantle, and they're so far from Lion's arch. I would think they'd be rallying to oppose Princess Salma."
Keiran Thackeray: "What's their angle in all of this?."
Further into the crystal area
Miku: "Ha! That's what you get for crossing me."
Keiran Thackeray: "It isn't healthy to be driven by anger like that. Whatever the White Mantle have done, is it worth letting them have such influence over you?"
Miku: "Well, maybe I'm only upset with myself. For running away when I should not have."
Keiran Thackeray: "What do you mean?
Miku: "Oh, that's a story for another time, perhaps."
Upon entering the camp
Keiran Thackeray: "Looks like they've holed up in this camp."
Miku: "I'm certain we'll find what we're looking for here. You up to it?"
Keiran Thackeray: "It won't be easy, but together we can do this. I'll keep you covered, but I need you in there sowing chaos. Find their weakness!"
After killing enemies in the camp
Miku:"Nicely done! It looks like you can rise to the occasion, after all."
Keiran Thackeray: "Thanks... I think. Oh, nevermind. Let's search the camp."
Upon reaching the White Mantle Missive
Keiran Thackeray: "This is worse than I thought. If only there was some way to be everywhere, to end all of this!"
Miku: "You know that isn't possible, Keiran. I think you want to take care of everything, and that leaves you with the power to do nothing."
Miku: "You need to make a decision. I think that you can be a strong man, and a capable one. If you show your strength, you won't need to rely on others. They'll rely on you.
Keiran Thackeray: "If the White Mantle within the Maguuma Jungle flee, then I have to trust that my allies will defend Lion's Arch."
Keiran Thackeray: "So we go to Beetletun. Those people need us, and we will not fail them."
Miku: "That's the fire I was hoping for. Well said! Now let's get going."
Gwen in the Hall of Monuments
Gwen: "Something about him has changed. This isn't the... always doting, sometimes insufferable Keiran. He was always trying too hard."
Gwen: "And now he's... I don't know where. But he's not here. Have I lost another person I'm close to? How much more can I stand to lose?"
Gwen: "How can people stand to let someone get close to them, when it's so simple for life to come and take it all away?"
Gwen: "Is this the kind of person I want to be? Shutting myself off and being afraid do expose my feelings. Maybe happiness is better then feeling nothing at all. Maybe it's worth the pain."
Gwen: "If he can change, then maybe... maybe I can change, too."


  • "Find Their Weakness!" is added to Thackeray's skillbar after he shouts "Find Their Weakness".
    • The skill benefits from his high Expertise, reducing its energy costs.
    • If you have rearranged your skills so that your 7th skill slot is taken, "Find Their Weakness!" will replace the skill on this slot.
  • While you must equip Keiran's Bow to access this mission, you can switch it out for another weapon, including a long or flatbow for pulling and especially one that has weapon upgrades appropriate to Keiran's skills. However, you cannot increase his maximum health, energy, or total attributes using weapon or armor upgrades.