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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Winds of Change.

Affiliation Not specified
Type Human
Profession Assassin Assassin
Service Hero
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaign Beyond
"Miku" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Hyojin Ahn.

Loss and Hope

There are few things that remind me of my childhood as much as fireflies. I can still recall the feeling of the first gentle breeze of the evening, a merciful reprieve from the day’s heat. The sun would gradually slip away in a brilliant wash of colors, making way for the stars. And as the lights in the heavens began to shine, so, too, did the lights on earth. Fireflies, countless in their number, began their dance above the river near our home. And there I was, wide-eyed and embraced by wonder. In those moments, I was the only person that existed in the world. The moon was my spotlight, and the tiny flickering embers were the audience that I played to. In a very real sense of the word, it was magical.

It was those nights that taught me a fundamental truth of life: the things that bring us happiness in life are fleeting, but our memories of them are not. The seasons would make their inevitable march, and those dreamlike nights would turn to evenings bundled up against the cold. Evenings that I spent listening to my father, with a voice as deep and as soothing as the sea, telling us the great stories of our ancestors. I used to love those stories. I still do. I had heard them countless times, but every reading brought with it a sense of family, and of security. I used to love to imagine myself as one of those great heroes, dreaming of being powerful, charming, and beloved. Those nights would end. Unlike my fireflies, they would never come back.

I still think about the fireflies, from time to time, and the way that those nights made me feel. I know that I’m a different person now, and I know that I can never go back. But the fact that I can still feel the joy they brought me tells me that I’m on the right track, that I’m turning things around. There’s a part of me that has always felt guilty. I ran away…once. There was no choice for me, nothing left for me. Everything that I had loved was gone—a lifetime of simple, cherished days strung together, ended carelessly, impossibly, in only a few terrifying moments. That was seven years ago now. It’s hard to believe. It doesn’t even feel real when I think of it, as though it were the story of someone else—someone that I once knew.

I am no longer running away. I met someone on my travels, a man who was running from something else, in his own way. I saw in him a weakness that I saw in myself, and I set about fixing it. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? We always want to fix others as though we were fixing ourselves. I wonder if he found happiness at the end of his journey. And I wonder what will be waiting at the end of mine… There is no way to know what tomorrow holds, but I will keep my head held high as I face it. Whatever the world wants to throw at me, I can only smile and say, “Heh. Is that the best you’ve got?”


Miku Yuudachi (born in 1568 CC) is a Canthan assassin. When she was 14, she and her family were in Tahnnakai Temple when Shiro Tagachi attacked the temple, during which most of her family was killed. Believing that she was the only survivor, she fled Cantha and the plague. A year later, she was adopted by a family in Kryta and found a new home. In 1079 AE, during the Krytan civil war, Danthor the Adamant branded her foster family as traitors and had them all killed. During her time in Kryta, it was said by her aunt, Minister Reiko, that she died during the attack, though rumors persisted of her survival due to no body being found.

While seeking out Danthor to exact revenge, she crossed paths with Keiran Thackeray who aided her. After their time together, she returned to Cantha and quickly discovered that her brother, Ashu, had actually survived the Afflicted assault and has been portrayed by Reiko as the sole survivor of their family. When Miku tried to reacquaint herself with her brother, Reiko publicly accused her of being a threat to Ashu and forced her into hiding, causing Miku to investigate what happened over the past seven years. In the end, Miku decided to confront Reiko to stop her increasingly oppressive actions and killed her.



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Miku joins your party upon completion of the quest The Final Confrontation at the end of the Winds of Change quest chain.


Hearts of the North[edit]

Winds of Change[edit]

Hero default skills[edit]

12 Dagger Mastery, 12 Critical Strikes


"What do you want? Are you staring at me? You want some of this? Do you?"
"When your eyes wander, so does your mind. Focus on the task that is at hand."


Idle quotes[edit]

"Are we considering our next move or just enjoying the scenery?"
"Everbody wants to change the world, but no one wants to die."
"Okay, stop me if you've heard this one before... Wait. Are you even listening to me?"
"Shhhhh. Do you hear that? Yeah, that's the sound of nothing happening. Heh."
"The world is always changing us. In turn, those who are strong enough can change the world."

Battle quotes[edit]

"For your sake, I hope you can learn to appreciate the taste of dirt."
"Have you heard the news that you're dead?"
"Here's one to remember me by!"
"If you aren't just a joke, then why am I laughing?"
"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I distract you?"
"Pay your respects to your ancestors when you meet them."
"That was very cute, what you tried to do there. Heh."
"This is how you disappear!"
"What's the difference between me and you? Well, for starters, I'm still breathing."
"You didn't need that, did you? Oh, yeah...I guess you did. Heh."
"You're fortunate: at least I'll be the last thing you see in this world!"
"You're making it hard to keep a straight face. Is that the best you can do?"
"Your luck ran out the moment you crossed my path."
"Your actions lack conviction. Let me show you resolve."


  • A duplicate Miku will show up as a "Mysterious Assassin."
  • During Hearts of the North, Miku calls out Promise of Death on her target, allowing you to combo with Keiran's Sniper Shot.
    • She also does this during The Final Confrontation to signal which copy of Minister Reiko is the real one.
  • Her default weapon is Gesshoku.
  • There is a tonic form for Miku.


  • Miku was introduced during Halloween 2010 through a new character disguise in the Costume Brawl; during that event, she was known only as the Mysterious Assassin.
  • Miku wears an altered version of Canthan Guise and Leggings; she also uses Obsidian Gloves and Shoes.
  • Miku's name uses the kanji characters, 美空, meaning "Beautiful Sky" representing "...a wide open sky of possibilities, the beauty of looking ahead at life and enjoying it." [1]
    • Despite these characters being used, Miku's name does not use a correct romaji spelling. The correct romaji spelling would be Mikū (or Mikuu).
  • She is one of three heroes to have an elite as one of her default skills.
  • Several of Miku's quotes are references to songs by the bands My Chemical Romance and The Smiths.


  1. ^ Comment by John Stumme, Guild Wars Wiki

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