Auspicious Beginnings

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Auspicious Beginnings
Section Primary Ebon Vanguard Quests
Storyline Beyond: Hearts of the North
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Scrying Pool
in Hall of Monuments
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by The Arrowhead
Followed by The Tarnished Emblem
Type Primary quest Repeatable quest
(Solo Quest)
Auspicious Beginnings map.jpg
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Relive Keiran's meeting with Miku and the start of their journey.

Quest information[edit]


  • Rescue Miku from the White Mantle.
  • Locate Danthor.
  • Defeat Danthor's forces.



After finding the embedded arrowhead consult the scrying pool In the Hall of Monuments. Get Keiran's Bow from Gwen, equip the bow, and consult the scrying pool, select "Show me the story of the arrowhead". You will be transported to Watchtower Coast and will be under the effect of Keiran Thackeray (disguise) for the duration of this quest.

Follow the path towards Divinity Coast to find Danthor the Adamant.

As in other Hearts of the North mini-missions:

  • Use Keiran's Sniper Shot against targets called out by Miku, which causes a fatal amount of damage if it hits (unless Miku's Promise of Death is removed).
    • Until she does so, it is more efficient to concentrate on far-away targets; Miku targets the nearest ones, which you will be able to instantly kill with the sniper shot.
  • Miku's aggro range is smaller than Keiran's, so pull targets and retreat slightly so that she will engage foes more quickly.
  • If Miku dies, she will self-resurrect after a short period of time.
  • Several of the foe groups can be avoided by leaving the patrolled path and taking a detour over the hills.




Humans (Peacekeeper)

Humans (White Mantle)




At the beginning
White Mantle Zealot: "This one has been following us. What is your name, girl?"
Miku: "Hey, I'm the one asking questions here! Where is the one called Danthor?"
White Mantle Zealot: "You dare to make demands of us? Here. Let me show you how we deal with insolence."
Keiran Thackeray: "(This doesn't look good.)"
Miku: "Heh. I've seen far worse in my life than the likes of you. Now answer my question!"
Keiran Thackeray: "(Definitely not good.) You there! Your fight is with me!"
After the first group
Miku: "So tell me: do you make a habit of showing off in front of girls?"
Keiran Thackeray: "What? It was only my intention to help."
Miku: "A hand you were very eager to lend, Mister...?"
Keiran Thackeray: "Just call me Keiran."
Miku: "Well then, Keiran, please call me Miku. Now you can help me find Danthor."
Keiran Thackeray: "And why should I do that? I've got someplace that I need to get back to."
Miku: "And yet, you aren't there. I think you'll help for the same reasons you stepped in. Now, let's go!"
Keiran Thackeray: "(What have I gotten myself into?)"
Where the Embedded Arrowhead is
Keiran Thackeray: "Why are you so intent on finding Danthor?"
Miku: "I had finally found a home in Kryta. He...took that away"
Miku: "He branded my loved ones traitors. They were all I had left."
Keiran Thackeray: "I'm sorry. I didn't know."
Miku: "Hey, a face like yours isn't meant for sadness. Don't dwell on the past and we'll do what we can for the future."
In the canyon
Keiran Thackeray: "It's been a while since I've seen someone so fierce in battle. You handle those blades well!"
Miku: "Oh? Are my blades what have caught your interest?"
Keiran Thackeray: "*coughs*"
Near the western tower
Miku: "Hey, you're proving yourself to be pretty useful. I'm glad that I brought you along!"
Keiran Thackeray: "Wait a second. It was my decision to help."
Miku: "Yeah, keep telling yourself that."
At Danthor
Miku: "Danthor! Turn and face me!"
Danthor the Adament: "I don't have time for this. I must see his plan is set into motion."
Danthor the Adament: "You there. Handle this.."
After defeating last group of White Mantle
Miku: "I can't believe this cowardice. He ran!"
Miku: "He was heading to the Maguuma Jungle. Let's press on!"
Gwen in the Hall of Monuments
Gwen: "K-Keiran? He's alive! Thank the Six, I was..."
Gwen: "I was so worried that I'd lost someone else close to me. I don't think I could stand going through that pain again."
Gwen: "But... Where is he now? And why isn't he here? And... and... wait! Who's that with him?"
Gwen: "I need to know more! Please, I know I've asked a lot of you in the past, but I know I can trust you with this. It's important."
Gwen: "Please find Keiran, or find some trace of where he has gone!"


  • This quest is automatically obtained upon entering Watchtower Coast (via the Scrying Pool), and is removed should one leave.
  • Rewards are placed automatically into inventory. If your inventory is full, it will be dropped on the ground. With the short time until next mission, make sure you have an inventory slot available.
  • While you must equip Keiran's Bow to access this mission, you can switch it out for another weapon, including a long- or flatbow for pulling and especially one that has weapon upgrades appropriate to Keiran's skills. However, you cannot increase his maximum health, energy, or total attributes using weapon or armor upgrades.
  • You cannot zone into Divinity Coast during this quest.
  • Some consider this quest a good farming option for Ebon Vanguard reputation points, War Supplies, or sweet points. When using a personal speedboost consumable (such as a cupcake or rock candy), it is possible to run past all of the groups except the first and last in Auspicious Beginnings. This can be repeated in approximately 4-5 minutes, i.e. in an hour, approximately 60,000 experience, 60 supplies/sweet points, and 15,000 EV points.
  • A tutorial to complete quest in 5 minutes can be found here.
Bug Bug.Sometimes Gwen endlessly repeats the last dialogue in the Hall of Monuments.
Bug Bug.If you fail the mission by swapping out Keiran's Bow too soon, the game incorrectly states you must equip Togo's Staff to play the mission.
Anomaly Anomaly.Spirits and pets do not turn hostile in the final battle, even those summoned after enemies turn hostile.