The Tarnished Emblem

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The Tarnished Emblem
Section Primary Ebon Vanguard Quests
Storyline Beyond: Hearts of the North
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Tarnished Emblem
in Majesty's Rest
Preceded by Auspicious Beginnings
Followed by A Vengeance of Blades
Type Primary quest
The Tarnished Emblem map.jpg
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Having found the emblem, report back to the Scrying Pool.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Tarnished Emblem

Something on the ground catches your eye. It is faint, covered in dirt, and stained with old blood. Closer inspection reveals it to be the tarnished emblem of a high-ranking White Mantle member. What happened here? Perhaps the scrying pool can provide further answers.

Yes Accept: "I need to know what happened here."
No Decline: "An important White Mantle member died. That happens all the time."
Ask Ask: "The site offers no further clues as to what transpired here."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Scrying Pool
"The scrying pool begins to react as you approach, thoughts of the tarnished emblem fixed firmly in your mind."