The Rescue Attempt

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see The Rescue Attempt (Hard mode).
The Rescue Attempt
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Miku
in Shenzun Tunnels
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Violence in the Streets
Followed by Warning the Angchu
The Rescue Attempt (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
The Rescue Attempt map.jpg
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Miku has a daring plan to steal her brother out from under Reiko. Help her to reach him.

Quest information[edit]


  • Help Miku Reach [sic] Ashu.
  • See Miku for your reward.



Leave from Tahnnakai Temple and head directly south to meet up with Miku. Once the mission has begun, follow the map route to eventually bring Miku to Ashu's location at the temple's center. Ministry of Purity groups spawn in each room that must be killed before moving onto the next. Furthermore, clearing the first group and every consecutive group within the temple will spawn more foes periodically at the temple's entrance, which will then chase after you. Note: These foes will not stay dead if you choose to fight them; they rez after being knocked out for a minute. Since it is not advised to fight the spawning foes, try to trigger every Hidden Switch in each room in order to close the gate to the previous room behind you. The important thing is to move quickly (kill group, trigger Hidden Switch, move on) because the gates do not stay closed forever, and eventually the Ministry forces will build up and easily outnumber you towards the end. Once Miku is brought to Ashu their dialogue will begin, and at that point the quest is completed (even if the Ministry rushes and wipes your party).

It is possible to shadow step to each Hidden Switch as they technically count as allies.



Humans (Canthans)

Humans (Ministry of Purity)



Initial dialogue[edit]

"I'll take us to Tahnnakai Temple. We can get to Ashu, but we'll want to be careful. I'd like to try to avoid spilling any blood within the temple. It is a sign of respect for our ancestors, and the place holds... some memories for me. I would hate to see it defiled. Let's try to knock the guards out and leave it at that if we can. There'll be ways of preventing them from pursuing us. I guess you could say I know that temple very well. I'll show you once we're there."
Yes Accept: "Understood. I'll aim for the kneecaps."
No Decline: "What? But I actually like killing everything that gets in my way."
Ask Ask: "We have a very short window of time to reach Ashu. Are you ready to go?"
Yes Accept: "Lead the way!"
No Decline: "I have more preparations to make."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When approaching Miku before accepting the quest:

Miku: "Well, if it isn't my friend the maelstrom. I've heard about how things have been going for you, and I have to say, even I'm impressed. Most people would be crushed between so many forces."
Miku: "If you keep this up, you're going to start making me look bad by comparison! Heh. Either way, I've got some interesting news for you."
<Party leader>: "Oh? What is it that you've found?"
Miku: "An opportunity. Reiko believes that the Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood have been routed. It's likely that she's going to set her sights on a new target. You don't gather as much momentum as she has only to come this far and stop."
Miku: "This is good news for us, because she's going to do another rally to sing the praises of how the Ministry of Purity has chased off another evil. Before the speeches, Ashu goes to Tahnnakai temple to pay respects and seek guidance and blessing from the ancestor spirits."
Miku: "Reiko has really made him into a figure for the people to rally around; he has taken on an almost religious quality as people look to him as the "Survivor." It's funny to think of... to me. I still remember him as the little brat that hid behind his big sister when he got scared. Heh."
Miku: "Jinnai is still missing, but getting to Ashu will be just as good. Maybe even better. I can't believe he wants to be there, and I just...I just need to see him again. It's been so long, and he's the only family I've got left."
Miku: "And well...think of it this way! We'd be taking the Ministry of Purity's figurehead right out from underneath them. Who knows what kind of damage it will do to their reputation. But it certainly has style, daring! It's both a cunning and ridiculous plan. What's not to love?"
<Party leader>: "That sounds like our best option. Removing him is for the best; it can't be healthy for a boy of that age to be forced into that situation. And if he's gone, it may help staunch some of the people's fervor. The degree to which they're zealously following has gone beyond dangerous."
<Party leader>: "Still. You certainly have a flair for the dramatic, don't you?"
Miku: "I am the hero of my own life. And if that is the part to play, then I might as well make it look good! Sometimes what people see of a person becomes the truth of who they actually are."
Miku: "But we should make our preparations to go. Speak to me when you're ready. I can get us into Tahnnakai quietly."

After starting quest:

Miku: "Be on the lookout for any hidden switches in these rooms. They'll shut the gates to the room behind us, so let's make sure we're all together."
Miku: "Once the guards come to, they'll try to bring reinforcements. It's in our best interest to close a few doors to slow them down."
Miku: "Tahnnakai Temple has changed so much since the last time I've seen it. Everything about it seems...smaller now. Everything is a little less vibrant."
<Random Ministry member>: "Intruders! Stop them before they get to the Survivor!"
Miku: "A long time ago, these halls and rooms were filled with the sound of laughter. How much things have changed... I hope that life, at least, has been kinder to him."
<Random Ministry member>: "Your spirit is not worthy to be laid to rest here, among the ancestors!"
<Random Ministry member>: "It's them! I don't...b-by orders of Minister Reiko, you are to be put to d-death!"
Miku: "Part of me worries. A person's life can change in a an instant. It has been years, and I wonder how much of the boy that I knew remains. What has happened to have set him on this path?"
<Random Ministry member>: "We will lay down our lives if we must, for the safety of the Survivor!"

Upon approaching Ashu:

Miku: "Ashu! Ashu it's me, Miku! I've come to get you out of here, and to get you away from Reiko!"
Ashu: "You? Stay back! Reiko warned me that you would try and come for me. She told me what you would try to do."
Ashu: "Why should I want to leave with you? Reiko told me the truth. She told me that you left me that day. You left me to die, and you ran, like a coward!"
<Random Ministry member>: "It's the traitor! How dare you show yourself here... I believed in you. But Minister Reiko has shown me that that faith was misplaced!"
Miku: "Ashu, that's not true! I thought I was the only one that survived. I found... the others, but I never found you. And then the Afflicted came again. I had to run. Everywhere I went, they were there. Running was the only thing that I could do."
Miku: "I was young, and I was scared. I had lost everything that I loved. But I never gave up hope that you still lived! I came back for you."
Ashu: "You were scared? YOU were scared? Imagine how I felt. But it wasn't my fate to die. I am destined for something more. Reiko has shown me that."
Ashu: "She needs me. The people need me. They look to me for hope. And here you would try and take that all away from me.'re no better than the Afflicted."
Miku: " can't possibly mean that. I...very well. We will leave you to your prayers. I hope that the ancestors can grant you the clarity that it seems you have lost."

When approaching Miku for quest reward:

Miku: "I don't understand! What has happened to my family? I finally return to Cantha after all of these years, and my aunt pretends she doesn't know me. More than that, she manipulates the crowd into believing I'm a villain, and orders me killed."
Miku: "My brother looked at me with eyes filled with fear... and something else, something I can't quite place. He turned away from me. What has she done to him? Why?"
<Party leader>: "His actions definitely weren't what I would have expected. Something very wrong has happened in the time you've been away."
Miku: "I should have never ran... if only I'd known. If I can't get my answers from Reiko or Ashu, then that only leaves Jinnai. He must know the truth, and I need to have it."
Miku: "Can you continue to keep an eye on the Ministry of Purity's movements? I'm certain Qao Lin will be grateful for your assistance. I'll be back in touch as soon as I've learned something more."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"I don't understand what is going on here. Something has happened to Ashu. I look at him, and I see only a stranger's eyes looking out at me from a familiar face. Reiko has done something to him, I'm certain of it, and I intend to find out what. If she help me, my blades will deliver her the judgment she so richly deserves."


  • Miku must reach Ashu in order to trigger the final dialogue. If Miku dies along the way, she risks resurrecting behind a closed gate and staying there forever. Unless you can quickly trace her back before the pursuing ministry forces reach her, or are able to overwhelm you instead, you must restart the quest.