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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Winds of Change.

Zei Ri
Initiate Zei Ri.jpg
Affiliation Ministry of Purity
Type Human
Professions Ritualist Ritualist
Monk Monk
Service Hero
Level(s) 20, 28
Campaign Beyond
Ministry of Purity m.jpg
Appearance during Winds of Change

Initiate Zei Ri is a member of the Ministry of Purity. He is one of the main members focused solely on eliminating all remaining Afflicted in Cantha. His father was killed during Shiro Tagachi's return, and it was never known if he was turned into an Afflicted. After the elimination of Afflicted, Zei Ri visited Tahnnakai Temple to pay respects and took a brief respite, later returning to duty when Reiko gave a speech in Kaineng City. Following this, he joined the task of hunting down the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood. Over time, he shows a continual loss of faith in the Ministry of Purity as they become more ruthless, eventually leading to him leaving the Ministry.



Quests given/involved in:

Quests involved in:


Zei Ri Unlocked!.jpg

Zei Ri joins your party upon completion of the quest The Final Confrontation (Hard mode) at the end of the Winds of Change hard mode quest chain.


15 Healing Prayers (16 Healing Prayers in Hard mode)

Hero default skills

12 Restoration Magic, 12 Spawning Power

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 83 Piercing damage 83 Slashing damage 83
Cold damage 83 Earth damage 83 Fire damage 83 Lightning damage 83


"Greetings, friend! I hope that this day finds you well."
After completion of A Chance Encounter
"Leave me be. Because of the assistance you lent me, I will not turn you in, but I can't forgive what you have done."
After completion of The Final Confrontation's hard mode quest
"Kaineng Center seems so different from how it once was. I wonder where things will go from here."


"Call out to our ancestors and they will come forth."
"From behind my mask, I could not see the sorrow of those around me."
"I am certain that my father's spirit has found peace at last."
"Our ancestors watch over us, even in these times."
"The collective wisdom of our ancestors and the strength they fathered and inspired will come to our aid. For at this moment, we are the reason they have existed."
"Together, let's work to create a peaceful world."
"Who we are… is who we were."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Ancestors, guide my hand!"
"For a shining world!"
"For the Dragon Empire!"
"For those who have fallen to bring us this far!"
"From the beginning of this battle, you were already defeated."
"I will purge the darkness from this world!"
"Open your eyes before you are beyond redemption."
"Reach into the past… Invoke our ancestors!"
"The dream of a peaceful Cantha won't be stopped so easily."
"The power of the Dragon Empire is its people!"
"This is justice for your crimes."
"Witness the strength of unity."


  • A duplicate Zei Ri will show up as a "Zealous Ritualist".
  • As an NPC, he does not receive the health or energy gains from Caretaker's Charge since he does not use any item spells nor carry a bundle.
  • As an NPC ally during Winds of Change related quests, Zei Ri will automatically resurrect within 30 seconds of dying.
  • When unlocked as a hero, he wields Xan Hei's Resolve.
  • He does not wear his mask during The Final Confrontation (Hard mode) nor as a hero.
Anomaly Anomaly.If Zei Ri is out of compass range of his player, he will appear with his helmet on in the inventory window.


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Zei Ri.
  • He is one of three heroes to have an elite as one of his default skills.
  • He is the only hero without an Everlasting Tonic.

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