Blunt damage

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Blunt damage is the type of physical damage inflicted by most hammers, one type of sword (Jitte), one type of daggers (Daggers of Purity), and the majority of the necromancer's minions.

Equipment that protects against blunt damage[edit]

Skills that protect against blunt damage[edit]

None known

Skills that inflict blunt damage[edit]

Bone Minions, Bone Horrors, Jagged Horrors, Vampiric Horrors or Celestial Horrors, created from the following skills, inflict blunt damage:

Monsters specifically resistant to blunt damage[edit]

Monsters specifically vulnerable to blunt damage[edit]

Damage types
Elemental damage Cold damageEarth damageFire damageLightning damage
Physical damage Blunt damagePiercing damageSlashing damage
Miscellaneous Chaos damageDark damageHoly damageShadow damage