Celestial Horror

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Celestial Horror
Flesh Golem.jpg
Affiliation Minions
Type Minion
Level(s) 25
Campaign Factions

Celestial Horrors are giant, durable minions that resemble Flesh Golems, though they have slightly brighter coloration. They are summoned by necromancers using the celestial skill Star Servant. Their melee attacks steal 25 health and 3 energy when they hit, which all party members also gain.

Celestial Horrors count as minions bound to their master. They are subject to the minion cap imposed by their owner's rank in Death Magic and will become masterless if their summoner dies. They also suffer from usual minion decomposition rate (see the minion article for more details).

Celestial Horrors deal roughly 26-69 damage against a target with 60 armor rating, have 580 health and 99 armor rating.

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