Star Servant

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Skill. Summon a level-25 celestial horror at your location. Each time the celestial horror successfully lands an attack, your party gains 25 Health and 3 Energy.

Concise description

Skill. Summon a level 25 celestial horror. Your party members gain 25 Health and 3 Energy each time the celestial horror lands an attack.


This skill can be temporarily acquired by primary Necromancers by talking to Kuunavang in Raisu Palace, Imperial Sanctum or Raisu Palace (explorable area).

Related skills[edit]


  • The skill descriptions omit that this skill can only be recharged when gaining a Morale Boost.
  • Can be Echoed, but each Necromancer can only control one at a time.
  • The minion summoned with Star Servant counts as a Flesh Golem, but does not leave an exploitable corpse.
Anomaly Anomaly. The skill descriptions do not state that the horror will steal 25 health and 3 energy with each attack.

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