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Disambig icon.png This article is about the damage type. For attacks with martial weapons, see physical attack.

Physical damage is a type of damage which includes three subtypes:

Any source of damage from these types will trigger effects that check for physical damage.

Physical damage is a damage type caused by the majority of non-magical physical attacks, such as those performed by rangers, warriors, dervishes, paragons, and assassins. Physical damage is a common damage type, and as such many skills cause it or prevent it. Many skills are also triggered by this damage type, such as Order of the Vampire. Controlling the damage types of your party or of enemy teams can mean huge changes in damage output.

In addition to blunt, piercing and slashing damage, a few skills, such as Ursan Rage, inflict generic physical damage without any subtype. Some skills (i.e. Splinter Weapon) also deal armor-ignoring damage, which is classified as physical damage by skills which benefit from physical damage.

Equipment that protects against physical damage[edit]

Skills that protect against physical damage[edit]

Skills that benefit from physical damage[edit]

Skills that inflict physical damage[edit]

See also: Blunt damage, Piercing damage, Slashing damage

Other skills[edit]

Damage types
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Physical damage Blunt damagePiercing damageSlashing damage
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