Staff Wrapping

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Staff Wrapping
Staff Wrapping.png
Rarity Varies
Type Staff suffix upgrade component
Stackable No
Campaign Core3, 4

A Staff Wrapping is the suffix upgrade for a staff. It can be salvaged from a staff using an Expert Salvage Kit, Superior Salvage Kit or a Perfect Salvage Kit.


Name Description
of Defense Armor +4-5
of Shelter Armor +4-7 (vs. physical damage)
of Warding Armor +4-7 (vs. elemental damage)
of Enchanting Enchantments last 10-20% longer
of Fortitude Health +10-30
of Devotion3, 4 Health +30-45 (while Enchanted)
of Endurance3, 4 Health +30-45 (while in a Stance)
of Valor3, 4 Health +45-60 (while Hexed)
of Mastery3 Item's attribute +1 (Chance: 10-20%)
of <Attribute>5 <Attribute>1 +1 (10-20% chance while using skills)
of <creature type>slaying5 Damage +10-20% (vs. <creature type>)2
  1. Versions for all Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer, Elementalist and Ritualist attributes except for Fast Casting are confirmed.
  2. A comprehensive list of "of slaying" variants is in the suffix's main article.
  3. Uninscribable staves dropped in Prophecies or Factions will never contain these staff wrappings; however, the staff wrappings can be applied to such staves.
  4. Priests of Balthazar will not have these staff wrappings available for unlocking on accounts without Nightfall.
  5. Priests of Balthazar will never have these staff wrappings available for unlocking.