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Of Mastery is a weapon upgrade that grants a 10-20% chance of increasing a specific attribute by one when calculating the strength of skills. The attribute affected by this bonus is the one that corresponds to the requirement of the weapon that this upgrade component has been attached to. This bonus does not affect the inherent effects of the attribute in question, only the value of the "green" numbers in a skill's description.

Item's attribute +1 (Chance: 10...20%)

— in-game description

Upgrade components which provide this bonus[edit]


  • "Master of My Domain" provides the same bonus but is an inscription instead.
  • The +1 bonus only applies to the skill being used; it will not boost the wielder's attribute for any other purposes. Specifically, it cannot raise the attribute to meet requirements and it will not raise any secondary effects of attributes (like Divine Favor's healing).
Bug Bug.Under unknown circumstances certain skills that should be affected will never trigger the effect.

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