Priest of Balthazar

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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the Balthazar faction NPC. For the summon, see Priest of Balthazar (summon). For the Wintersday NPC, see Priest of Balthazar (Wintersday).

Priest of Balthazar
Zaishen priest.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Service Faction reward
Level(s) 10
Campaigns Core

A Priest of Balthazar allows the player to cash in Balthazar faction points, which are awarded for success in all types of PvP games in exchange for unlocking skills, upgrade components, and heroes.

This core NPC is accessible to any kind of character as all can enter the Battle Isles and their guild's guild hall.



  • One of the Zaishen Tonic's forms.
  • The available unlocks will be limited for accounts without each of the three campaigns and Eye of the North.
  • Unlocking heroes through this service is useless, since they can no longer be used in any form of PvP and heroes unlocked through this method are not unlocked in PvE.
Anomaly Anomaly.Does not offer to unlock the heroes Miku and Zei Ri, but can unlock Keiran Thackeray. These heroes were all added after the removal of Hero Battles.