The Battle Isles

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The Battle Isles
Embark beach2.jpg
Continent The Battle Isles
Town Great Temple of Balthazar
Neighbor(s) None
Campaign Core
The Battle Isles loading screen.jpg
Loading screen
The Battle Isles interactive map.jpg
Interactive map of the Battle Isles
The Battle Isles uncharted.jpg
An unexplored map of the Battle Isles

The Battle Isles are an archipelago and the home of the Zaishen Order, and a sacred place for those who practice the art of war. It is located in the Clashing Sea.

All "high level" PvP arenas for Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall are located within the Battle Isles. This is the place where players from all three chapters can meet, team up, and compete against each other.

Getting there[edit]

PvP characters are created directly in the Great Temple of Balthazar, the only town on these islands, and they cannot leave the Battle Isles, except to go to Fort Aspenwood, the Jade Quarry or Alliance Battles outposts.

Prior to unlocking a port town, the only Battle Isles locations roleplaying characters can access are Embark Beach and guild halls.

Towns and outposts[edit]

Mission outposts
Arena outposts
Removed or inaccessible outposts

Challenge Missions[edit]


Explorable areas[edit]


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Anomaly Anomaly.Although the Battle Isles are inhabited by the Zaishen who are descended from Cantha, the icons on the world map are from the Tyrian continent.
Anomaly Anomaly.If Hard Mode is active when traveling here, a message will say it is disabled because you do not meet the requirements.

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