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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has never been included in the game. Information was obtained from ArenaNet staff or extracted from the Gw.dat game file. The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently is or was.

Xunlai Market
Xunlai Market.png
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Outpost
Party size Unknown
Exit(s) None
Zaishen Market map.jpg
With Texmod visible made map

A large market where people from different parts of the world come together to trade their goods.

— in-game description

The Xunlai Market was meant to be a trading outpost and was discovered by players at the beginning of 2008 in the Gw.dat file. This feature was possibly developed at that time and presumably discontinued later; all following information is derived from the text strings found.

It was not an auction house but a place ("bazaar") to sell items for a fixed price. Players had a "Market" button in the Party search panel where they could find a list of items, searchable and filterable by categories in the current district or globally in the game. You had to spend a listing fee for every item, the amount is unknown, but would be variable, which would not be refunded when unlisted. The item had to be held in inventory while it was being offered in the Xunlai Market, the purchased item was put directly to your inventory and gold to your vault box. It is not known if the item could still be listed if the character was in an explorable area.

Localized German and Spanish strings were found in the dat file too, so it can be assumed that the Xunlai Market was a well advanced project in extended testing status. The data was presumably deleted from the live dat-file in the January 31, 2008 game update (source).

Getting there[edit]

With the Cartography Made Easy mod you can see the outpost on the world map between Great Temple of Balthazar and Zaishen Challenge.

Tradeable items[edit]

Note: Unidentified, customized and equipped items cannot be sold.


Possible outpost marker found in .dat file
  • The design of this area was repurposed to create the Embark Beach.
  • The former name was "Marketplace" and used to have a "Marketplace List".
  • According to Fansite Friday interviews, the plans for this feature last since the Beta Weekend Events.

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