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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Fansite Friday interviews were used by ArenaNet to answer questions players had about Guild Wars mostly prior to the release of Guild Wars Prophecies. The 3 or 4 questions asked were selected by a specific fansite with the answers later published to that fansite's web pages. This later evolved after release of the game to answer in more detail specific areas of Guild Wars gameplay. Most of the questions were answered by Gaile Gray but often other game designers were also involved.

Fansite Fridays were published from before the release of Guild Wars Prophecies until December 2005. 63 were published in total.

Many of the fansite's still host the original text of the questions but several of the fansites no longer exist. The Q&A have been duplicated here to preserve this little bit of Guild Wars history.


Fansite fridays listed in chronological order:

  1. RPGStars (expansion mechanic, release schedule, PvP number of players)
  2. (PvE hunting areas, player feedback and input, trade and crafting)
  3. OGaming - Guild Wars (guild status, Necromancer summoning, GW innovation)
  4. Warcry - Guild Wars (weapon variety, chapter releases, area design)
  5. Vault (swimming/flying, guild halls, line of sight)
  6. (reason for buying chapters, guild emblems, getting to regions)
  7. GWOnline (types of PvP, storylines for PvE, in-game events)
  8. Mondes Persistants - Guild Wars (item upgrades, in-game communication, character evolution)
  9. The Guild Hall (end-game content for PvE, game balance, elite skills)
  10. (selling items in real world, instances and socializing, GW planned lifespan)
  11. Rageblade (favourite skills, character improvement after ascension, rewards for missions)
  12. Guild Wars Stratics (amount of Prophecies content, streaming technology and exploit fixing, ranger pets)
  13. Guild Wars Europe (GvG rewards, how an online store would work, runes)
  14. Guild Wars Tactics (skill capture, dodging attacks, the value of gold)
  15. Guild Wars Jeux Online (GMs, loot distribution, skills designed for profession combos)
  16. Legendary Wars (day-night cycle, large scale PvP, why only one melee profession in Prophecies)
  17. Guild Wars OnlineWelten (event timing across regions, rewards for official tournaments, player influence in the world)
  18. (ArenaNet stress, PvE content for guilds, The Naked Man, environment influence on play)
  19. Knights Templar (observer mode, types of PvP scenarios, player stats from PvP)
  20. The Italian Lair (localization, new content in patches, special events)
  21. WPE Special Edition (questions about the World Preview Event)
  22. Guild Wars Cold Front (GvG map types, guild features, logging damage and skills)
  23. Guild Wars Slovenija (incorporating player feedback, level cap, improvements to trade, guild ladder)
  24. TenTonHammer - Guild Wars (PvE end game content, in-game communications, reconnects)
  25. Czech Legends (in-game events, release schedule, rare items)
  26. France Guild Wars (ranger primary attribute, indoor explorables, armor for profession combinations)
  27. January BWE Special Edition
  28. Post January BWE Special Edition (10 questions about Guild Wars)
  29. Guild Wars Center (the ArenaNet team, loot exploitation, making maximum level characters)
  30. Guild Wars Hispano (new professions in expansions, pre-made characters, distinguishing guilds, server locations)
  31. Guild Wars Tome (upcoming stuff in beta, preventing mistake guild battles, plans for GvG, player trade system)
  32. Guild Wars Guru (getting the best equipment, adding more team cooperation to missions, value of gold)
  33. February BWE Special Edition
  34. Guild Wars Underground (guild ladder, the impact of completing quests on other players, new content after end game)
  35. Guild Wars en Español (trade system, features for role-players, improving game experience for newcomers)
  36. Guild Wars Rage (reporting bugs, party formation improvements, last BWE speculation)
  37. March BWE Special Edition (new features, PvP characters, secondary professions)
  38. MMORPG Italia Guild Wars (localization, changes to skill acquisition, splitting the guild ladder)
  39. Guild Wars Norden (game manual, early access period, final game interfaces, where-abouts of wallpaper Wednesdays)
  40. ANZ Guild Wars (PvP spectator tools, large scale battles, NPC controls, increase in character slots)
  41. April BWE Special Edition
  42. Twelve Pre-Release Questions
  43. - Guild Wars (adding more guild member roles, doing more for the game community, different tournament levels, identifying players in chat)
  44. Guild Wars Bulgaria (obtaining elite skills, trade system improvements, more guild features)
  45. Direct Song Special Edition
  46. Guild Ware Mesmerize (providing a deeper PvE experience, observer mode, regular game updates, content of new chapters)
  47. Guild Wars Hungarian Arena (access to UW/FOW, farming, getting more info on game mechanics, learning more about lore)
  48. The Outfitter (requests for changes, making suggestions, balances, dye combinations)
  49. Guild Wars @ AlienPod (access to tournaments, guild storage and scrimmage, LFG improvements)
  50. 50th Anniversary Edition (Fansite Friday interviews the fansites)
  51. GW-NL (putting hard stuff in easy areas, changing character or guild names, special euro tournaments, chapter 2)
  52. Crossing Tyria (PvP faction, merchandise, more information about pets, changing character appearance)
  53. Guild Wars Nor (returning to player only trading, action house, more information on guild members, how many future chapters)
  54. Fansite Friday with James Phinney (guild hall improvements, PvP, interface improvements, what James would most like to tweak)
  55. Guild Wars Zhong Guo (level cap increase, larger PvP teams, release date for China)
  56. GameAmp (introducing unique items, the impact of the Droknar run, community involvement, character slots)
  57. Der Geheime Aussenposten (catering for roleplayers, character appearance modification, different access to UW/FoW, more tournament arenas)
  58. Guild Wars Denmark (penalizing leaving, switching characters without logging out, guild affiliations, optional cape display)
  59. Special Edition Part 1 (ladder reset, position on running, adding reconnects, penalties for leavers, GvG game mechanics)
  60. Special Edition Part 2 (adding more variety to PvP, 1v1 or 2v2 PvP, smurfing, what do the devs most think needs improvement, more community involvement)
  61. In-game Item Farming (Mike O'Brien on ArenaNet's stance on farming, facts on the average platinum in user accounts)
  62. Three Questions about GvG (Guild Lord health and damage equations, victory or death mechanic)
  63. World Championship Edition (questions about the tournament)