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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skill type. For the tonic Disguise effect, see Disguised.
Number of skills 71
Elite skills 0
Supertype Skill
Subtype None

Skill type. A disguise always changes the appearance of characters, using a new model, just as Forms.

There are two types of disguises, those that only changes appearance and those that also alters the abilities of characters into that of a different creature. The latter may involve new skill bars, max health, max energy, attributes, and energy regeneration.

An example of a disguise is seen during Nightfall's Blacktide Den mission, where characters are disguised as Corsairs in order to advance the plotline.

A majority of disguises are obtained from Tonics.

Disguises obtained during quests or missions[edit]

Guild Wars Nightfall Deactivating P.O.X. Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack Guild Wars Beyond
Corsair (disguise) Corsair (disguise) Jade Brotherhood Disguise Jade Brotherhood Disguise Gwen (disguise) Gwen (disguise) Dastardly Disguise Dastardly Disguise
Kournan Guardsman Kournan Guardsman   Saul D'Alessio (disguise) Saul D'Alessio (disguise) Keiran Thackeray (disguise) Keiran Thackeray (disguise)
    Togo (disguise) Togo (disguise)  
    Turai Ossa (disguise) Turai Ossa (disguise)  

Disguises obtained in explorable areas[edit]

Core Guild Wars Nightfall
Spirit Form (disguise) Spirit Form (disguise) Desert Wurm (disguise) Desert Wurm (disguise)

Disguises obtained during special events[edit]

Canthan New Year Shing Jea Boardwalk events April Fool's Day Halloween
Pig Form Pig Form Rollerbeetle Racer Rollerbeetle Racer G.O.L.E.M. (disguise) G.O.L.E.M. (disguise) Agent of the Mad King Agent of the Mad King
Rat Form Rat Form   Going Commando Going Commando Candy Corn Infantry Candy Corn Infantry
Ox Form Ox Form     Combat Costume Combat Costume
Tiger Form Tiger Form     Mad King's Influence Mad King's Influence
Rabbit Form Rabbit Form      
Dragon Form Dragon Form      
Snake Form Snake Form      
Horse Form Horse Form      
Sheep Form Sheep Form      
Monkey Form Monkey Form      
Rooster Form Rooster Form      
Dog Form Dog Form      


Core Guild Wars Nightfall
Rollerbeetle Racer.jpg Rolling Start Lose your Head Lose your Head
Stone Dwarf Transformation Stone Dwarf Transformation Rudi's Red Nose Rudi's Red Nose
Test Buff Test Buff


  • Desert Wurm is labelled as a disguise, but functions like a form in that it changes the user's attributes and abilities. Inconsistently, Siege Devourer, which behaves similarly, is considered a form.
  • Rearranging the alternative skills gained while disguised will rearrange your own skill bar once you exit that disguise.
  • Attempting to use a tonic whilst disguised will cause the message "This item cannot be used if you are already disguised." to be displayed.
Bug Bug.The Divine Halo, along with the effects from Lunatic Court Helm and Demonic Horns, can be seen while in a disguise.