Lunatic Court Finery

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Lunatic Court Finery

Join Mad King Thorn as a member of his Lunatic Court! You’ll fit right in among the Mad King’s inner circle when you outfit your character in this festive Lunatic Court Finery costume. If the flame about your helm is too hot, you can always take it off, but be careful you don't lose your head at the sight underneath. It's the perfect thing to wear to this year's spookiest celebration!

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The Lunatic Court Finery is a Halloween costume. The set comprises of a Lunatic Court Helm, and either a Lunatic Court Finery or a Lunatic Court Headless Finery.



Dye affects the areas that are red by default, including the lower sections of the Finery, as well as a slight portion near the armbands of the Finery. The areas that are gray by default are not dyeable. The Lunatic Court Helm is dyeable, but doing so has no noticeable effect. Note that dye has the same effect on a headless finery as it does on a regular one.


Anomaly Anomaly.While a character is wearing this costume, its appearance in the character selection screen may or may not reflect this.
Bug Bug.If you equip the Lunatic Court Helm while in a disguise or form, the fire effect is shown around the head of the disguise/form.
Bug Bug.If there are too many people in a town, such as on a special event, then the fire from the Lunatic Court Helm will stop animating for everyone in the beginning districts of that town.
Bug Bug.If you wear the Headless Lunatic Court Finery while wearing the helm, the helm will disappear while the flames remain visible. Both flames and helm will be invisible on a mercenary, however.


  • The headless version of this costume may have been inspired by the Irish myth about dullahans, headless fairies of the unseelie court. Or from the more popular story of the Headless Horseman as in America it is very popular for him to be holding a pumpkin as his head.
  • Introduced to the Guild Wars In-Game Store in Halloween 2010.
  • Along with the Raiment of the Lich, the Lunatic Court Finery is the first released costume with more than two pieces.
  • This costume was available for purchase as a set with Raiment of the Lich from its introduction until November 21, 2010.

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