Raiment of the Lich

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Rainment of the Lich

Strike terror wherever you go when you dress your characters in this sinister Raiment of the Lich costume. With the hood up, the darkest of haloes will hang over your head. Strip back your cowl, and you'll reveal a familiar face that's been horribly changed. While it may not come with your own Scepter of Orr, your cloven feet and ebony wings will surely command respect among the legions of the undead!

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The Raiment of the Lich is a Halloween costume. The set comprises of either an Aspect of the Lich, or a Cowl of the Lich, and a Raiment of the Lich.



Dye affects the areas that are red by default, including the chest piece, and the trailing ribbons behind the character. The areas that are black or gray by default are not affected. The Aspect of the Lich is dyeable, but doing so has no noticeable effect.


The profession of the character wearing this costume appears to affect the condition of the wings.


Head poking through the Cowl of the Lich.
Anomaly Anomaly. While a character is wearing this costume, its appearance in the character selection screen may or may not reflect this.
Anomaly Anomaly. While wearing the costume, the footprints' impression left is still that of a boot, not the hoof-marks that would be expected.
Bug Bug. When wearing Cowl of the Lich, the top of character's head can sometimes be seen poking through on the character selection screen and inventory screen.


  • Introduced to the Guild Wars In-Game Store in Halloween 2010.
  • Along with the Lunatic Court Finery, the Raiment of the Lich is the first released costume with more than two pieces.
  • This costume was available for purchase as a set with Lunatic Court Finery from its introduction until November 21, 2010.

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