Wedding Couple Attire

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Wedding Couple Attire

Celebrate the union of Gwen and Keiran with our all-new wedding costumes! Wear an exact replica of Gwen’s strapless wedding gown and Keiran’s tuxedo with the Wedding Couple Attire. Don an elegant formal gown or a dapper tuxedo with the Formal Attire, or dress up in a male or female tux with the Dapper Tuxedo. If you really want to celebrate, pick up all the costumes in the Wedding Party Costume Pack. Each elegant costume comes with a male and female version, and can be worn over your existing armor without affecting your stats. Buy these special decorative garments in the Guild Wars In-Game Store and the NCsoft Store today!

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The Wedding Couple Attire is a Hearts of the North costume. Both the female and male set consists of a Wedding Headpiece, a Traditional Wedding Finery and a Wedding Finery.



Dye affects the hair of the Wedding Headpieces, the fabric of the female Wedding Finery and the overcoat and pants of the male Wedding Finery. For the female set, the veil and flowers on the headpiece and the white trim and flowers on the Wedding Finery are not affected. The Traditional Wedding Finery cannot be dyed. The default color is black.


  • The default color for newly created attires has been changed from red to black.


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