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Costumes are decorative items that are equipped into a character's costume slots to change their appearance. They are worn over a character's existing armor, and do not affect any stats.

Costume slots[edit]

The costume slots as they appear in the Inventory window.

Costume slots are located in your Inventory window, under the cape and weapon slots, making it possible to wear a festival hat and/or a costume, at the same time with your armor. Festive hats in your inventory prior to the December 17th, 2009 update will still replace your headgear, and not make use of the Costume Headpiece slot. Costume slots can only hold a costume, and/or a festival hat.



All costumes share the same general properties, most notably that they are purely cosmetic: even though they have the appearance of armor, they will never offer any in-game advantages:


Cape clipping issue in Inventory window.
  • All costumes can be dyed; however, only a few festival hats can be dyed.
    • Certain portions of the costumes will not change color when dyed. Some will accept dye, but will not change at all. See each costume page for specific details.
    • Dye combinations can sometimes produce unexpected results. The Silver Dye used in combination has been found to have this effect the most.
  • Costumes are not disguises: players keep their profession-based emotes and Divine Auras remain visible.
  • Costume bodies, similarly to top and leg armor, do affect the sound you do while walking.
    • Any costume body will override the sound of the armor if shown.
Bug Bug.In the character selection screen, costumes will not show unless the character has been played in that session, and you are returning to the character select screen, even when "Always Show" is turned on.
Bug Bug.Some characters may have "see through" parts during some animations.
Bug Bug.If both the costume and cape are set to "Always Show", they will both appear in the Inventory window, causing an evident clipping issue; however, this will never be visible to other players.


  • The two costume inventory slots were added in the December 17, 2009 update, when existing festival hats were converted to costume headpieces from armor.
  • The March 10, 2011 update fixed a bug that caused the character selection screen to display costumes with the wrong colors.

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Dwayna costume.png
Dwayna Costume
Grenth's Regalia.png
Grenth Costume
Agent of Balthazar.png
Agent of Balthazar
Disciple of Melandru.png
Disciple of Melandru
Augur of Kormir.png
Augur of Kormir
Vision of Lyssa.png
Vision of Lyssa
Dapper Tuxedo.png
Dapper Tuxedo
Formal Attire.png
Formal Attire
Wedding Couple Attire.png
Wedding Couple Attire
Shining Blade costume.png
Shining Blade Uniform
White Mantle costume.png
White Mantle Disguise
Aegis of Unity.png
Aegis of Unity
Lunatic Court Finery.png
Lunatic Court Finery
Raiment of the Lich.png
Raiment of the Lich
Ravenheart Witchwear.png
Ravenheart Witchwear
Vale Wraith.png
Vale Wraith

Costumes (edit)
Halloween Lunatic Court Helm.png Lunatic Court Finery Cowl of the Lich.png Raiment of the Lich‎

Ravenheart Gaze f.png Ravenheart Witchwear Vale Wraith Veil m.png Vale Wraith

Wintersday Horned Helm of Balthazar m.png Agent of Balthazar True Sight of Kormir m.png Augur of Kormir Melandru's Helm f.png Disciple of Melandru

Dwayna's Diadem f.png Dwayna Costume Grenth's Visage f.png Grenth Costume Facets of Lyssa f.png Vision of Lyssa

War in Kryta Shining Blade Cowl m.png Shining Blade Uniform White Mantle Mitre m.png White Mantle Disguise
Hearts of the North Dapper Top Hat.png Dapper Tuxedo Formal Headwear.png Formal Attire Wedding Headpiece f.png Wedding Couple Attire
Winds of Change Unity of Purpose f.png Aegis of Unity Wisdom of the Dragon f.png Dragonguard