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The Divine Aura is a bonus property that was included with the Collector's Edition of Guild Wars Prophecies. It is linked to the account associated with the account key of the Collector's Edition and therefore cannot be transferred to another account.

The 'aura' displayed is different for every profession of Guild Wars and is not limited to Prophecies only characters. For example; your Dervish character created in Nightfall may display the aura (as long as a Prophecies CE account key was associated with that account).

When the character emotes, the aura is displayed at the hands of that character. While using the /dancenew command to display the bonus dances for Assassins, Ritualists, Dervishes and Paragons associated with the Factions and Nightfall Collector's Edition, the Divine Aura will not be shown. However, if you first use /dance (or any other emote that loops except for /dancenew), and then type /dancenew without moving your character in between on an Assassin or Ritualist, they will perform the special dances and display the Divine Aura. A video of this can be seen here. There is currently no way to display both of them on Dervishes and Paragons.

Anomaly Anomaly.Does not show during drunken emotes, fame emotes, CE dances, Aion wings, while under the effects of a tonic, or while disguised during Costume Brawl

Gallery of the Divine Aura[edit]

Warrior Warrior
Female Warrior Divine Aura Male Warrior Divine Aura
Female Male
Ranger Ranger
Female Ranger Divine Aura Male Ranger Divine Aura
Female Male
Monk Monk
Female Monk Divine Aura Male Monk Divine Aura
Female Male
Necromancer Necromancer
Female Necromancer Divine Aura Male Necromancer Divine Aura
Female Male
Mesmer Mesmer
Female Mesmer Divine Aura Male Mesmer Divine Aura
Female Male
Elementalist Elementalist
Female Elementalist Divine Aura Male Elementalist Divine Aura
Female Male
Assassin Assassin
Female Assassin Divine Aura Male Assassin Divine Aura
Female Male
Ritualist Ritualist
Female Ritualist Divine Aura Male Ritualist Divine Aura
Female Male
Paragon Paragon
Female Paragon Divine Aura Male Paragon Divine Aura
Female Male
Dervish Dervish
Female Dervish Divine Aura Male Dervish Divine Aura
Female Male

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