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Aion wings are an emote based on the wings made synonymous in the NCsoft game, Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

The announcement was first made on August 25th, 2009, when NCsoft announced the exclusive cross promotion giving players the ability to call upon the Aion wings emote within the Guild Wars family of games.


The Aion wings emote were only available, by serial code redemption, to players who:

  • Purchased an Aion Limited Collector's Edition
  • Purchased an Aion SteelBook Edition
  • Purchased Aion online (through the NCsoft store or Steam), and contacted the support team before October 22nd, 2009.
  • Purchased the "Aion Wings Guild Wars Emote" online through an official NCsoft vendor.

Note: this item can no longer be obtained by the methods above.


  • The emote command is /Aion or /wings
  • The wings are decorative, and do not allow the player to fly.
  • The emote has a 30 second delay, once you use the command as to when you can use the command again.
  • This emote and the Zaishen rank emote cannot be used after one another as there's a 30 second delay.
  • The emote is visible under most tonic forms, except Eye of Janthir Form and Swarm of Bees Form.
  • The emote is visible whilst in Polymock.
  • The Aion wings gallery is here.
  • If you press left and up arrow on keyboard (the combination for running in circle) while starting the emote, your character will spin until you press left, down or up again.

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