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Festival hat makers are special NPCs that create festival hats for your characters. Once one of your characters has acquired a festival hat, this NPC allows all your characters to also be able to obtain that festival hat at any time.


To prepare the festival hat maker:

  1. Talk to any festival hat maker with a character who has a festival hat in their inventory.
  2. Show the festival hat to the festival hat maker (via the dialogue). Repeat for each festival hat as necessary.
  3. The shown festival hat will not be removed, but the festival hat maker will now be able to create it

To create festival hats:

  1. Talk to any festival hat maker and choose the option to create a new festival hat (each hat you create costs 10Gold).
  2. The list of festival hats that you have already shown to a festival hat maker will show up. Select the one you want.
  3. The festival hat will appear in your inventory (if there is a free slot) customized to the current character.



  • The festival hat that you want to show and duplicate must be customized to one of the characters on the same account.
  • New hats are created using their default color, even if the hat you originally showed was dyed.
  • You cannot create festival hats during a mission or pvp-match count down.