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A tonic is a type of consumable that activates a skill to change the appearance of a player's character.

Regular versus everlasting tonics[edit]

  • Regular tonics can only be used once; each use adds 2 points towards the Party Animal title track, except for Minutely Mad King, Mysterious, Spooky, and Zaishen Tonics (which add 3, 5, 25, and 3 points respectively).
  • Regular tonics cause 5 seconds of Tonic Tipsiness, while everlasting tonics cause 30 seconds of it. This effect prevents additional tonics being used while it is active.
  • Everlasting tonics can be used an unlimited number of times but do not contribute to the title track. Each of the two-point tonics has an everlasting equivalent.

Non-monthly tonics[edit]

Single use Everlasting Model used
Image Name Acquisition Image Name Acquisition
Beetle Juice Tonic.png Beetle Juice Tonic Kun Shao
Zaishen Chest
Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic Kun Shao
Zaishen Chest
Rain Beetle
Cottontail Tonic.png Cottontail Tonic Gift of the Traveler Everlasting Cottontail Tonic.png Everlasting Cottontail Tonic Gift of the Traveler Brown Rabbit
White Rabbit
Frosty Tonic.png Frosty Tonic Wintersday in July: random drop
Wintersday: random drop and quest reward
Everlasting Frosty Tonic.png Everlasting Frosty Tonic Zaishen Chest Snowman
Zaishen Tonic.png Minutely Mad King Tonic Halloween: given during finale Unknown Unknown Unknown Miniature Mad King Thorn
Mischievous Tonic.png Mischievous Tonic Wintersday: random drop and quest reward Everlasting Mischievous Tonic.png Everlasting Mischievous Tonic Zaishen Chest Grentch
Mysterious Tonic.png Mysterious Tonic Gift of the Traveler Unknown Unknown Unknown Varies
Sinister Automatonic.png Sinister Automatonic Quest reward from
Zinn's Task
Everlasting Sinister Automatonic.png Everlasting Sinister Automatonic Zaishen Chest Sinister Golem
Spooky Tonic.png Spooky Tonic Ghoulish Grab Bag Unknown Unknown Unknown Varies
Transmogrifier Tonic.png Transmogrifier Tonic Mad King Thorn
Trick-or-Treat Bag
Zaishen Chest
Everlasting Transmogrifier Tonic.png Everlasting Transmogrifier Tonic Zaishen Chest Mad King's Steward
Yuletide Tonic.png Yuletide Tonic Tina the Tonic Maker
Terum the Tonic Maker
Chest of Wintersday Past
Zaishen Chest
Everlasting Yuletide Tonic.png Everlasting Yuletide Tonic Zaishen Chest Unique (elf)
Zaishen Tonic.png Zaishen Tonic Zaishen Coin
Zaishen Strongbox
Unknown Unknown Unknown Varies
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Avatar of Balthazar Tonic Gladiator's Zaishen Strongbox Avatar of Balthazar
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Balthazar's Champion Tonic Strategist's Zaishen Strongbox Champion of Balthazar
Unknown Unknown Unknown Hench tonic fixed colour.png Everlasting Henchman Tonic Henchman Skill Bar Contest Varies
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Flame Sentinel Tonic Champion's Zaishen Strongbox Lesser Flame Sentinel
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Ghostly Hero Tonic Hero's Strongbox Ghostly Hero
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Ghostly Priest Tonic Gladiator's Zaishen Strongbox Ghostly Priest
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Guild Lord Tonic Champion's Zaishen Strongbox Guild Lord
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Knight Tonic Hero's Strongbox Knight
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Legionnaire Tonic.png Everlasting Legionnaire Tonic Wayfarer's Reverie: from Fylinn, Sworn to Winds Legionnaire
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Everlasting Priest of Balthazar Tonic Strategist's Zaishen Strongbox Priest of Balthazar
Unknown Unknown Unknown Everlasting Reindeer Tonic.png Everlasting Reindeer Tonic Wintersday Art Contest (2009) Caribou
Kidnapped Reindeer

Monthly tonics[edit]

These tonics are randomly obtained from the Zaishen Chest during their respective month.

Month Single use Everlasting Model used
Image Name Image Name
January Cerebral Tonic.png Cerebral Tonic Everlasting Cerebral Tonic.png Everlasting Cerebral Tonic Asura
February Searing Tonic.png Searing Tonic Everlasting Searing Tonic.png Everlasting Searing Tonic Charr
March Abyssal Tonic.png Abyssal Tonic Everlasting Abyssal Tonic.png Everlasting Abyssal Tonic Abyssal
April Unseen Tonic.png Unseen Tonic Everlasting Unseen Tonic.png Everlasting Unseen Tonic Mursaat
May Phantasmal Tonic.png Phantasmal Tonic Everlasting Phantasmal Tonic.png Everlasting Phantasmal Tonic Rift Warden
June Automatonic.png Automatonic Everlasting Automatonic.png Everlasting Automatonic Golem
July Boreal Tonic.png Boreal Tonic Everlasting Boreal Tonic.png Everlasting Boreal Tonic Norn
August Trapdoor Tonic.png Trapdoor Tonic Everlasting Trapdoor Tonic.png Everlasting Trapdoor Tonic Armored Cave Spider
September Macabre Tonic.png Macabre Tonic Everlasting Macabre Tonic.png Everlasting Macabre Tonic Awakened Head
(slightly different model)
October Skeletonic.png Skeletonic Everlasting Skeletonic.png Everlasting Skeletonic Hellhound
November Gelatinous Tonic.png Gelatinous Tonic Everlasting Gelatinous Tonic.png Everlasting Gelatinous Tonic Ooze
December Abominable Tonic.png Abominable Tonic Everlasting Abominable Tonic.png Everlasting Abominable Tonic Yeti

6th year tonics[edit]

Birthday Presents that are received by characters when reaching their sixth birthday (72 months) and Sixth Birthday Surprise Boxes (acquired in exchange for a Birthday Present Voucher) contain one of these tonics.

White Purple Gold Green

Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Acolyte Jin
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Acolyte Sousuke
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Dunkoro
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Goren
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Hayda
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Kahmu
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Livia
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Margrid the Sly
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Melonni
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Morgahn
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Norgu
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Olias
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Tahlkora
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Vekk
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Xandra
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Zenmai

Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Anton
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Jora
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Koss
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png M.O.X.
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Master of Whispers
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Ogden Stonehealer
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Pyre Fierceshot
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Queen Salma
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Razah
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Zhed Shadowhoof

Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Gwen
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Keiran Thackeray
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Miku
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Shiro
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Prince Rurik

Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Destroyer
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Kuunavang
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Margonite
Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png Slightly Mad King


  • The only tonics that can be used in explorable areas are the Birthday, Henchman, Minutely Mad King, Transmogrifier, Yuletide, and Zaishen varieties.
  • If your character zones or changes districts, the tonic's effect ends.
  • For many of the forms, emote animations are either different or do not activate. See each form page for specifics.
    • Almost all tonics will perform an emote (typically of being knocked down) when using the "/Stand" emote while sitting.
  • If your character is moving when you activate a tonic, the transformation won't take place until your character stops or changes direction.
  • Unlike the other tonics, 6th year birthday present tonic form effects don't wear off if the character dies.
  • Some cinematics will cause the 6th year birthday everlasting tonic effects to wear off.
  • There are currently 65 different everlasting tonics in the game (20 white, 10 purple, 7 gold, and 28 green).
  • Tonics cannot be used in PvP outposts (with the exception of guild halls) nor areas.
Bug Bug.While tonics of the same type will stack, individual tonics may occasionally appear unstackable. Identifying the tonic(s) in question will resolve this issue, and make them stack properly.


List of consumables
Abominable Tonic.png Abominable Abyssal Tonic.png Abyssal Automatonic.png Automatonic Beetle Juice Tonic.png Beetle Juice Boreal Tonic.png Boreal Cerebral Tonic.png Cerebral Cottontail Tonic.png Cottontail Frosty Tonic.png Frosty Gelatinous Tonic.png Gelatinous
Macabre Tonic.png Macabre Zaishen Tonic.png Minutely Mad King Mischievous Tonic.png Mischievous Mysterious Tonic.png Mysterious Phantasmal Tonic.png Phantasmal Searing Tonic.png Searing Sinister Automatonic.png Sinister Automatonic Skeletonic.png Skeletonic Spooky Tonic.png SpookyTransmogrifier Tonic.png Transmogrifier Trapdoor Tonic.png Trapdoor Unseen Tonic.png Unseen Yuletide Tonic.png Yuletide Zaishen Tonic.png Zaishen
Everlasting Abominable Tonic.png Abominable Everlasting Abyssal Tonic.png Abyssal Everlasting Automatonic.png Automatonic Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Avatar of Balthazar Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Balthazar's Champion Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Beetle Juice Everlasting Boreal Tonic.png Boreal
Everlasting Cerebral Tonic.png Cerebral Everlasting Cottontail Tonic.png Cottontail Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Flame Sentinel Everlasting Frosty Tonic.png Frosty Everlasting Gelatinous Tonic.png Gelatinous Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Ghostly Hero Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Ghostly Priest Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Guild Lord
Everlasting Henchman Tonic.png Henchman Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Knight Everlasting Legionnaire Tonic.png Legionnaire Everlasting Macabre Tonic.png Macabre Everlasting Mischievous Tonic.png Mischievous Everlasting Phantasmal Tonic.png Phantasmal Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic.png Priest of Balthazar Everlasting Reindeer Tonic.png Reindeer Everlasting Searing Tonic.png Searing Everlasting Sinister Automatonic.png Sinister Automatonic Everlasting Skeletonic.png Skeletonic Everlasting Transmogrifier Tonic.png Transmogrifier Everlasting Trapdoor Tonic.png Trapdoor Everlasting Unseen Tonic.png Unseen Everlasting Yuletide Tonic.png Yuletide
Common Acolyte Jin  • Acolyte SousukeDunkoroGorenHaydaKahmuLiviaMargrid the SlyMelonniMorgahnNorguOliasTahlkoraVekkXandraZenmai
Uncommon Anton  • JoraKossM.O.X.Master of WhispersOgden StonehealerPyre FierceshotQueen SalmaRazahZhed Shadowhoof
Rare Gwen  • Keiran ThackerayMikuPrince RurikShiro
Unique Destroyer  • KuunavangMargoniteSlightly Mad King