Rollerbeetle Racer

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Disambig icon.png "Racer" and "Rollerbeetle" redirects here. For the charmable animal, see Racing Beetle.

Rollerbeetle Racer

Disguise. You become a rollerbeetle racer.

Concise description

Disguise. You become a rollerbeetle racer.


Temporarily, while Rollerbeetle Racing and while in the Rollerbeetle Racing outpost.


See also: Special skill#Rollerbeetle Racer
Rollerbeetle Dash.jpg
Rollerbeetle Dash
Harden Shell.jpg
Harden Shell
Distracting Lunge.jpg
Distracting Lunge
Spit Rocks.jpg
Spit Rocks
Rollerbeetle Echo.jpg
Rollerbeetle Echo
Rollerbeetle Blast.jpg
Rollerbeetle Blast
Super Rollerbeetle.jpg
Super Rollerbeetle
  1. Rollerbeetle Dash Rollerbeetle Dash: Increases your RRPM (speed).
  2. Harden Shell Harden Shell: Provides immunity against knock down.
  3. Ram Ram: knocks down adjacent opponents and provides a brief speed boost.
  4. Distracting Lunge Distracting Lunge: Temporarily disables all of opponent's skills.
  5. Spit Rocks Spit Rocks: Spits out projectiles that knocks down an opponent if they hit.
  6. Rollerbeetle Echo Rollerbeetle Echo: Echo skill, similar to the Mesmer Elite skill Echo.
  7. Rollerbeetle Blast Rollerbeetle Blast: Knocks down opponent like Spit Rocks, but effect is instant and does not require line of sight.
  8. Super Rollerbeetle Super Rollerbeetle: You travel at maximum speed for 10 seconds and are immune to knock down.
Note: Skills shown in Bold are core skills which recharge each time one of the 7 checkpoints is reached.

Related skills[edit]


  • It is possible to change one's shell design by talking to Hokusai.
Anomaly Anomaly.Rollerbeetle Racer skill descriptions omit how the skills are recharged.


  • There are 6 possible shell colors: blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, red, and green. They are assigned randomly every time upon entering an area under this effect.
  • The character's equipped weapons are shown in the Rollerbeetle's "hands".
  • Since the rollerbeetle model's rig does not have a unique animation to walk backwards like human models do, they'll use their walk animation, making them look like they are "Moonwalking".