Godly Yuletide

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Godly Yuletide

Your maximum Health becomes 1000, your maximum Energy becomes 40, your Energy regeneration becomes 4, and you move 25% faster.

Concise description

Your max Health is 1000. Your max Energy is 40. Your Energy regeneration is 4. You move 25% faster.


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Advanced Snowball.jpg
Advanced Snowball
Super-mega Snowball.jpg
Super-mega Snowball
Snow Flurry.jpg
Snow Flurry
Hidden Rock.jpg
Hidden Rock
Mission dependent skill
Primary profession dependent skill
Ice Fort.jpg
Ice Fort
Mmm. Slushy!.jpg
Mmm. Slushy!
  1. Advanced Snowball Advanced Snowball: Spell. Slow projectile: deals 75 damage. You gain 1 strike of adrenaline.
  2. Super-mega Snowball Super-mega Snowball: Spell. Very slow projectile: knocks-down and deals 150 damage to all foes adjacent to target foe's initial location.
  3. Snow Flurry Snow Flurry: Spell. Target foe is hexed with Snow Down the Shirt. For 5 seconds, Snow Flurry deals 25 damage each second and apply the Crippled condition for 2 seconds to all foes in the area of target foe's initial location.
  4. Hidden Rock Hidden Rock: Glyph. Your next snowball knocks down target foe and causes Daze for 10 seconds.
  5. Mission dependent skill:
  6. Primary profession dependent skill:
  7. Ice Fort Ice Fort: Enchantment Spell. For 10 seconds, you cannot be knocked down, you are immune to conditions, and all incoming damage is reduced to 0. Ice Fort ends if you move.
  8. Mmm. Slushy! Mmm. Slushy!: Enchantment Spell. You are healed for 250 Health, and you have +10 Health regeneration for 10 seconds. Mmm. Slushy! ends if you use a skill.

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  • Yule, or Yule-tide, was a traditional winter festival celebrated by the ancient Germans.