Snow Flurry

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Spell. Target foe is hexed with Snow Down the Shirt for 10 seconds. Also, you create a Snow Flurry at target foe's location that lasts for 5 seconds. Foes in the area of the Snow Flurry take 25 damage per second and are Crippled for 2 seconds.

Concise description

Spell. (5 seconds.) Deals 25 damage each second. Applies Cripple (2 seconds). Hits foes in the area of target foe's initial location. Initial effect: target foe is hexed with Snow Down the Shirt.


This skill is only available while under the Godly Yuletide effect during Wintersday.


Bug Bug.The hex is not applied to the target. It is applied to all foes within range along with each damage pulse.
Bug Bug.The effect lasts for 10 seconds, not 5.
Bug Bug.The cripple lasts for 5 seconds, not 2.